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Hello all from the lovely state of Colorado!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Becca and I live in good ole' Colorado with my Air Traffic Controller husband. We don't have kids, but we sure do have fur babies and fin babies! Along with our fishies, we are also proud parents of two beautiful cats. Kenzie is a grey tabby with a diva-tude and Rin is my "cog" chocolate point rescued Balinese. We just love animals. 

I've grown up around aquariums, mainly back in the early to mid-90's. My mother always kept fish. Her favorite has always been Black Mollies and Angelfish. She keeps begging me to get some mollies, in fact, so she can live vicariously through me! Her largest tank was a 55 gallon and I just remember absolutely loving the fish and spending hours watching them in awe. She had to give up her fish-keeping when she was diagnosed with lupus, but she enjoys my fish whenever she visits!

I'm just really getting my aquariums up and running again. A few years ago, I started with a 3.5 gallon tank and a beautiful, red, halfmoon Betta named Katsumoto. I unfortunately lost him a year and a half later to fin rot and it discouraged me from keeping any more fish for a little while. I just felt so unprepared and so irresponsible. Then, I was lucky enough to stumble upon @Cory's Aquarium Co-Op, his videos and this forum, and I decided to dive back in (pun intended), feeling much better prepared for anything and everything. 

I have a 14 gallon tank that I'm slowly introducing a few fish at a time to. I love heavily planted tanks with nice, natural hardscape, so I'm slowly getting the scape to resemble a jungle tank for my 3 Emerald Corydoras--Winky, Whiskers and Small Fry--and my beautiful L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco, Pancake (he looks like he has syrup drizzled all over him and he's so flat and round and plump and I love his little shy self so much!)

My other tank isn't up and running yet, but it's a 10 gallon for my new fin baby, Sakura. He's a halfmoon Betta with A LOT of personality and we instantly bonded. I love that he has a little mustache! I can't wait to get that tank up and running (I have pre-seeded media of course, ready to go!) and see him enjoy his big, new home after being in quarantine for a month.

I'm super excited to be a part of this amazing community and everyone has already been so very welcoming! As I continue to learn, I hope I'll be able to help others like everyone here has already helped me so very much! 




Always willing to show off for the camera!


They were taking a nice break from foraging the substrate for noms!


Pardon the reflection! Pancake is super shy, and when he isn't in his pleco cave he loves this big chunk of driftwood or the big faux driftwood on the other side of the tank (being replaced with real driftwood and adding WAY more plants). It was evening and the tank lights were off, but the room light was on temporarily to try and catch a glimpse of him for the camera, so he skedaddled under it to hide!

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