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Cherry barb female was plump (like the other 4) when arrived, however now has a swelling on one side which has gone red, presumably due to stretched skin. 


Looks like a hard pea sized lump under the skin. Am treating with pimafix and melafix and have had some ammonia issues, currently being treated by a round of seachem prime and stability. Will do 25% water change this week due to melafix/pimafix. Eating and swimming fine.


Question is do I remove and euthanize as have no hospital tank available or do I just hope it's not parasites which may burst out and spread? Had barbs now for about three weeks. 

Ammonia 1.0 (captured by prime) pmm

Nitrates 0

Nitrites 20 ppm

Temp 26' C

Planted tank with juveniles only 

6 cherry barbs

11 neon tetras

2 rainbow fish

3 guppies

1 pleco


Picture of cherry barb to follow.

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