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Found 10 results

  1. Sarah


    Help!! Cherry barb female was plump (like the other 4) when arrived, however now has a swelling on one side which has gone red, presumably due to stretched skin. Looks like a hard pea sized lump under the skin. Am treating with pimafix and melafix and have had some ammonia issues, currently being treated by a round of seachem prime and stability. Will do 25% water change this week due to melafix/pimafix. Eating and swimming fine. Question is do I remove and euthanize as have no hospital tank available or do I just hope it's not parasites which may burst out and spread? Had barbs now for about three weeks. Ammonia 1.0 (captured by prime) pmm Nitrates 0 Nitrites 20 ppm Temp 26' C Planted tank with juveniles only 6 cherry barbs 11 neon tetras 2 rainbow fish 3 guppies 1 pleco Picture of cherry barb to follow.
  2. im not sure what this is, i just noticed it today, a large lump on my female betta. anyone have any ideas? and or treatments?
  3. I’ve had this betta for a couple of months now. As you can see, his fins are frayed. I put him through the med trio twice and it only seemed to get better just a little bit before coming back. I even put him in a separate tank and dosed aquarium salt for four days. After that his fins do seem to be slowly growing back. I’m hoping that continues. Now he has a noticeable lump on one of his fins and also some white stuff growing around that fin. What could this be? His tank is a heavily planted 10 gallon that I keep at 78F. The PH is 7.0 last I checked, and the GH of my tap water is 6 drops of the API test kit. There is both a sponge filter and a hang on back filter. I change water 1-2x per week. He has shrimp and a single juvenile guppy for tank mates.
  4. Hey guys I have a weird situation going on, my mama guppy who I’ve had for a few months developed a big lump on her head a little over a week ago, I thought it was a tumor but decided to do light maracyn and paracleanse for a week to see if it helped, it didn’t help much if at all. since she is still active and eating after a week I figured I’d start a second cycle adding ich x this time, 2 days in and now the lump looks smaller and the half of her head where it is turned black overnight.. anyone have any experience with this? I thought of euthanasia but she is still eating so I’m tempted to wait it out.. I’m treating the whole tank (no qt available) and don’t wanna use salt due to live plants and shelled creatures any insight would be nice, thanks!
  5. Bob V

    Unknown lump

    Can anyone identify the lump on my gold ram. It's the right side near his tail. Started to notice the fish tilting to one side at times but remains active and is eating well. He lives in a seasoned 30gal community tank. (About 2 years) pH 7.2 zero ammonia and nitrite. 40ppm nitrate, kh 120 gh ~100. Temp 78 degrees. Planted tank with 10 neons, 4 platys 3cory and 5 amano shrimp. No new additions for last year. Any ideas? Should I quarantine? Meds?
  6. Hey Nerms, Aquarium Parameter information Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: Between 20 and 40 ppm Temperature: 80 Tank size: 5 Gallons Water changes: 50% once per week Relatively heavily planted, dosing Easy Green, K, and Trace twice per week So here's the situation: For a reason I didn't know at the time, all of a sudden fin rot appeared on my betta’s tail, pinholes that quickly resulted in tears. So I did the Coop-recommended treatment of Ich-X and Maracyn for 7 days. In the middle of this treatment, I did a casual strip test for Nitrates which also tests Nitrites, and was shocked to see Nitrite!! I got my liquid tests out and confirmed there was 0 Ammonia but 2ppm of Nitrite. Now I am realizing that the fin rot probably set in because the poor guy was living in Ammonia and Nitrite-ridden water without any Prime to detoxify the Ammonia while the cycle re-established (ugh!). So since that treatment was still going on, I dosed 4X Prime to detoxify the Nitrite, daily, so any further infection coming from the Nitrite exposure wouldn't happen, and so that the treatment could run for the 7 days. The tank is now completely re-cycled (cycle crashed because the filter pump broke and I didn’t realize it for a few days), however I still do daily tests to make sure. Now shortly after realizing the Nitrite was there, I also noticed another, more troubling thing going on. On my betta's left side, there appears to be a lump. It is right behind the stomach, and only on that left side. there is no open wound at all; it seems that something is swollen on the inside and pushing out. I am just at a loss for what this is, and I figure it can't be anything good. Looking at some betta anatomy photos, it appears to be right over the kidney which has me wondering whether this is perhaps a very early sign of dropsy, perhaps even a tumor? After the 7 days were over and a 60% water change, the fin rot hadn't progressed, but also hadn't gotten much better. So I decided to do a full round of Maracyn for the 5-day treatment (according to the instructions on the box) to really kick the fin rot in the butt. So far I am seeing most of the fin rot go away, and healing is already happening. But at this point my main concern is this lump. I have scoured the rest of the internet and can't find anything similar enough, so I figured it was time to get some Nerm input! The lump hasn't gotten any bigger or smaller since I noticed it. I also want to emphasize that my betta's behavior and eating habits have not changed at all throughout all this recent turmoil. Still very active and very eager for his food in the evening. i wanted to provide this background of what has happened recently with the poor water quality and fin rot in case this has something to do with this lump appearing. What is this lump??? Please see these images below, the last one I posted is of him before any damage and fin rot to his beautiful tail, so you can see just how much that fin rot very quickly deteriorated his tail. LESSON LEARNED with that pump! I tried to get some good top view photos as well. Please let me know if additional photos are needed! Thanks for your help Nerms!
  7. HOW DO I UPLOAD A PICTURE?? It says "insert image from URL" but that doesn't make sense to me...I'm sorry I'm the worst. Tank: 75 gallon Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 ph: 7.2-7.4, trying to get it up temp: 64-68 throughout day JUST moved from 40 gallon to the 75, tank mate is larger ranchu and white clouds. Help! Does anyone know what a lump on my ranchu's "shoulder" could be? It appeared out of nowhere yesterday evening and at first it was just a lump--didn't look like there was blood underneath. Well, overnight it got HUGE and is definitely filled with blood. It's squishy, not hard at all. The scales are slightly popped out over the bump just due to the size of it I think. Originally it looked exactly like when you hit your head and get a goose egg. Now it looks just like a hematoma, but I don't know if that's a thing for fish. The larger ranchu has been chasing him and mouthing on him recently, I don't know if that could have caused this. Otherwise, I can't imagine him running into anything hard enough to cause a hematoma. I am at a loss of how to treat -- so far he's in a hospital tank and I've given him an epsom salt bath. Has anyone seen anything like this before??
  8. My fish has this weird lump that's formed on her tail, idk what it is. I have a 10 gallon with some other guppies and a few pygmy catfish. It's filled with plants and and air filter. I have a small snail infestation and am wondering if it could be a bacterial or fungal infection.
  9. Hello One of my 4 Corys has developed a lump right below his mouth. I feel like it's size increases and reduces on its own. This is also my smallest Cory and I am always a bit concerned with him ever since I have bought it home. It is one on the left side in the photo. Tried my best with the picture. Thanks. Parameters: 30G tank planted tank (swords, water sprite, dwarf hairgrass, frog bits) PH- 7.0 to 7.2 Ammonia- Somewhere between 0 and 0.25ppm. I can’t really can’t make out for sure if it is 0.25 on the chart. I am regular with my water changes though. Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- Between 0 to 5ppm.
  10. PH 7.8 Ammonia, Nitrites both 0 Nitrates - see pic KH - 10 GH - 12 Hi all, Quinn developed a lump rather quickly and I’m not sure what it is. It seems too high for constipation and (so far) no one else in the tank is showing similar or any symptoms. I’ve had Quinn for at least 3 years in this tank, yes, nitrates are high and I’ll be doing a water change when I get home tonight but this tank has always run higher on nitrates. If I do weekly h2o changes it’s usually around 40ppm. This reading is a week and half. A little history on Quinn: he (she?) lost his gourami friend Alice about 6 months ago, causing him to be a little shy. About a month after that, I added 2 electric blue acaras, realizing after the return time that they are not advised with angels. For the most part, they leave each other alone, but Quinn now spends most of his time on one side of the tank and rarely comes up to the surface anymore at feeding time. He’s still interested in eating and this lump hasn’t changed his behavior or ability to maneuver. Does it look like something that can be treated? The quarantine tank I have is only a 5 gallon and it’s be a tight fit, but I’m okay with treating the whole tank. I’ve also got Silver dollars, red angus cory’s, a mystery sucker fish, Synodontis catfish and a large danio. 75g with some live plants, 2 sponge filters and an Aquaclear hob. Any help is appreciated. Sorry so long!
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