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New 55 Gallon - what would you do?

Ben C.

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So I snagged a new 55 gallon tank because Petco was selling it for 50% off. Alas, I can't set it up until I get a home, which might be a while, so I want to dream a little. So, what would you do, or what would you select from these?

My current idea is a cooler water tank chock full of nano fish. Here's a list of fish on my mind:

- Clown Killifish
- Leopard Danios
- Celestial Pearl Danios
- Dwarf Emerald Rasboras (already have these, which would be moved over)
- Blue Neon Rasboras (already have these also, same case)
- Chili Rasboras
- Harlequin Rasboras
- Corydoras (not sure which can go in cooler water, but I need em!)
- Hillstream Loaches
- Neocaridina and Amano Shrimp
- Scarlet Badis
- Bolivian Ram? Definitely not Neocaridina safe though
- the usual smattering of snails to complete the ecosystem

My only stipulation is "mostly" shrimp safe - this would be my only tank probably to have shrimp, and I love the little buggers. Any other suggestions, or another idea altogether that is just too cool to pass up?

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