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Apisto in community tank?

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I was curious if people think an apistogramma would work in my community tank. It’s a 75 heavy planted . Current stock 8 rainbows,10 Congo tetras, 20 cardinals, 24 ember tetras, 6 green neon rasboras, 6 swabwa barbs,6 green fire tetras, 6 Cory’s, 2 bristlenose plecos and crap ton of snails. I have read they can work in community tanks. And if so a male or female? I’m assuming a pair would be a bad idea though 

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I sure hope so. I just put 5 young apisto in my community tank with Cherry Barbs, CPDs, ramshorn snails and Amanos.

I think the type of apisto matters.  I have apisto cacatuoides  Thus far I've only seen the apistos chase each other. But most of the cherrys are still a bit bigger than them so maybe that will change. 

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