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White fungus looking stuff on bleeding heart tetras


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There is something that looks like white fungus developing on my tetras, one has already passed away. Does anyone know what this could be or how I could treat it? I live in Canada so getting meds is difficult. 


My water parameters:

Ammonia: 0

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: < 20

pH: 6.5





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Hey Cory, thanks for the advise, I just have a few follow up questions.

I can only find the saltwater version of Ich-X in Canada, but I have another Ich med that is 0.05% Malachite Green and 0.5% Salt, would that help at all?

I managed to find some Maracyn on eBay but it won't arrive for 2-4 weeks if at all. Do you know of anything available in Canada that could help in the meantime? 

I also have some Melafix and enough General Cure left to dose my tank once

Thanks again, I've learned tons from your videos and live streams. 

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Hi there, if you want someone's direct attention here it's best to tag them by typing out the @ sign and then their screen name so they know you tagged them so in this case @Cory and hopefully he'll see my tag and look at your questions. In the meantime I found a helpful chart on a website with a list of medications that treat different kinds of fish illness, MAYBE, hopefully some are available in your area, so under that chart look at the medications listed for FUNGUS and for WHITESPOT. 

I would say if theres only one ich cure in Canada then it's the one you use! Malachite Green is very very common in that kind of medication, just be prepared for it to turn things green, it fades over time. As to your other medication, I'm hoping you can get one off this list. 


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Oh and if you have any invertebrates remove them, treatment isn't great for them and they may not survive it. I raised my pH by adding some crushed coral to my tank, it took time to raise it, so it's not an instant cure but it's a good buffer. I started with a half cup in my substrate and added just little bits more to my tank until it was the right amount and my pH was steady. It's a bit easier if you can put it in an HOB or canister filter. 

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