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What to do with Subwassertang?


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I’ve just got a bunch of Subwassertang delivered - I thought it would be all attached together a bit like a moss or guppy grass but it is all different sized clumps. I’m not sure what to do with it? I can’t ‘plant’ it and I’m sure sure how I’d tie all the little bits to something, any advice?

I’ve currently just lodged it in my spider wood 😅

Thanks in advance!


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I wrapped various clumps in fishing line and stuck them on a driftwood bonsai.


Now, full disclosure: two months later, it's not the beautiful lush green that it was previously. It gets hit with a lot of direct light and had started developing a bit of purplish cyanobacteria. Trying to find the right light and nutrient balance in the whole tank. I'm afraid lower light would make the bacopa suffer even more than it is now. But anyway, here's a pic today:


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