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  1. after i got mine i used it in the exact same way as i would use moss, shove it in a dark corner that gets barely any light and watch as it just e x p l o d e s. serves as fantastic cover for fry and other tiny fishes or shrimp
  2. Second and semi-final update: ive decided to use the wood only instead of brick and wood, since the bricks turned out to be differently sized. however i am still interested in suggestions or advice!
  3. okay, so to update: I've found some wood to use as a spacer between the bricks however i dont know if i should use centre bricks or not
  4. thank you for that! ill make sure everything is true before i commit to the centre bricks! only thing different is that i have no wood to use alongside the bricks so it will be only on those if that makes any difference
  5. alright, so i recently got myself a 115 gallon tank and im about to set it up, my basic plan for the tank is to have it on 6 bricks on top of a thin compact carpet in my basement. i just wanted to see if anyone else has used bricks as a stand for a large heavy tank, and if my idea of 4 bricks per corner, along with two on each side of the centre will work to make up for however much weight will be in the centre
  6. Howdy everyone! I'm a canadian aquarist from Alberta and i mostly keep livebearers, along with a few bettas and others. I have 4 main tanks, a 20G Long, a 30G Long, a 25G Tall, and a standard 10G. along with this I've been experimenting with outdoors tubs for the first time, though I've already learned i will need to place them in a sunnier area next season as it's never once gotten over 60F in the ponds (thankfully i went with minnows for testing 😅). If anyone is interested in pictures of my tanks/specific fish i have feel free to ask!
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