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Fuzzy brown algae or something?

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Hi,  I have a 3 month old tank, no algae issues until I noticed this very close growing brown stuff on my mopani wood piece. There is a snail on the picture appears to be eating but my other cleanup crew avoid it, chinese algae eater and corys.  Hopefully you can see it. I just noticed it and have no idea what this is. It is not really fuzzy. Should I clean this off. I haven't seen it anywhere else in tank.  The first pic shows the darker brown in the middle of the lighter brown. I would say it is thicker than the lighter colored. The second pic is to show how close it is growing. Same  brown spot as other image. Mahalo

brown algae1.jpg

brown algae2.jpg

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I think I recall hearing that woods can leach carbohydrates that would feed the growth of fungus or bacteria. I've noticed growths like this (though usually white) on malaysian driftwood and spider wood. It always subsides on it's own and in the meantime can make some yummy food for a biofilm eater like your snails.

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