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Moving Fish After Treating For Ich


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I had planned to upgrade my two 20g longs to 40g breeders, but ended up having to treat for ich in both tanks (noticed white spots on 3/15 kuhli loaches and 1/10 strawberry rasboras. No signs of ich in dwarf puffer tank but I treated because I used the same equipment). Thankfully I didn't have any losses and behavior has returned to normal. I neglected the crushed coral in the loach tank and was putting them through ph swings every time I did a water change. I think it was either stress from that or new plants that caused the ich outbreak.

I'm worried about stressing the loaches and puffers when it comes time to catch them. Should I wait another week or two? I brought heat up to 82F/28C, treated with ich x for a week (ich spots gone on 2nd day) and the last dose was yesterday. 


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