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Heater Needed?

Tyler LaZerte

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So i'm wondering if I should use a heater in this aquarium I am building. The room the tank in fluctuated from 74-80. Here's the stocking species:

Neocaridina davidii 

Celestial Pearl Danio

Nerite Snails

Cappuccino Snail 

White Wizard Snail 

Yellow Rabbit Snail 


Panda Corydoras 

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another factor is going to be the equipment that you are running on the tank. Lights, filters etc are going to generator some sort of heat to run. you might just have to experiment and see. Personally for my 20L in my office with a canister filter and a fluval3.0 the ambient temp is 74, but the tank runs around 76-78. Also might not be a bad idea to keep an adjustable heater in your tank and set it on the lower end incase the heat in your house goes out.

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