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Tissue Culture plants melting

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So I planted a pot of tissue cultured Pogostemon Deccanensis and now all has melted away think there is any hope for it to come back? The culture itself looked immaculate and I know it was in its immersed form. I just want to make sure I just didn't waste more money lol.

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Hi @Fenrir, it is tough to say without knowing anything else about the aquarium. Tissue culture plants can be delicate, definitely more so than plants grown the traditional way. Do you have any pictures? Water parameters? Injecting CO2? New tank? What substrate are you using? The more information you can provide the better. 

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Water Perameters:

8.2 PH

Nitrates 40ppm ( can't get any lower bc tap sits at that)

Amm/ Nitrites at 0

temp at 79

not sure what GH/ KH is 


Small to medium size


2 Fluval 3.0's

I don't have injected CO2 yet. I plan too once pandemic goes away and prices start to go down.

Not my first rodeo with plants just surprised bc my Pogostemon Helferi/Downii is doing great so not really sure and my other tissue cultures I ordered are doing great.


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I just did a quick search of that plant as I haven't kept it nor had I heard of it. It looks to be a fairly new species of plant to the hobby, and not a lot of info as far as its requirements. A couple sites say it does need co2 and high light, yet another says it doesn't need co2. I would say with two Fluval 3.0 you should have plenty of light, although I don't know what size tank that is on. 

I have had a hard time with some tissue culture plants, and others grow great for me. The ones I have had trouble with have been stem plants, maybe they are harder to get growing underwater, I don't know.

Are you using any liquid ferts in the water? Is your substrate just a gravel, or is it an enriched substrate like Fluval stratum or an ADA substrate?

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2 fluval 3.0s is a lot of light for a 40 that has no co2. I would watch for algae in the meantime, especially with that much nitrogen in the tap water.

If your other tissue cultures are doing good, I would be patient as it may just be having a hard time transitioning. It is hard to say however if it will come back if it completely melted to be honest. Keep us updated though! I wish you the best! 

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