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Bass or other native fish in mini pond?

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Last year I put in a 125 gallon pond in my backyard. right now there is only a few goldfish and frogs in there. I really want to replace the goldfish with some native fish. I was thinking maybe a bass or some bluegill. Idk though if it is big enough for any native fish. Does any body of experience with native fish and if so... what would you stock the pond with?

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125g is big enough for some bluegill, and even bass, but within a year the bass will be at a size where it wont be happy. sunnies/bluegill/pumpkinseeds, and perch would all do okay. i would be cautious with over stocking, as they do grow fast the first year. of course be aware some birds, and raccoons will try to fish out the pond if they are able to.

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