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Aquatic plant help


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Hmm . . . well, it's lacking something -- either light, or nutrients. Maybe there's some nibbling on it too.

Do you know your water chemistry -- GH and KH?

What's your tan size (depth is key), and what light are you lighting your tank with (LED? Bulb?)

Do you use plant fertilizer? Easy Green? Flourish?

Do you use any root tab?

Is this a rhizome plant that you've buried under the gravel? Rhyzome plants should not have the rhizome buried.

Does there happen to be a Pleco in the tank?

Can you get some other angles on the plant? Do you know what type of plant it is?


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55 gallons, LED, root tabs, flourish, liquid co2, I need to test Gh and Kh do you know what they should be. When I first started the tank the plant was thriving and growing new leaves and then all of a sudden it started to die after I did some drastic water changes. Was watching some videos and they were talking about maybe potassium deficiencies might cause those leave looking like that.

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