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Help me identify these interesting fish

Ben Ellison

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I purchased a couple fish from my lfs about 3 months ago. I specifically was seeking fish for my angelfish/ blue ram tank. I was sold what I was told was flag acara. Now that the fish are maturing they seem to have paired off and might be preparing to mate. To make sure I'm doing my best to care for them and their fry I decided to research their requirements but can't figure out exactly what they are.i believe them to be a acara of some clarity but not to sure. Any help would be appreciated.



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Easy, mystery snail!

Oh, you mean the fish... Kind of resembles a bumblee cichlid, but not really sure. My advice would be the same either way though: keep doing what you're doing. If they're doing well currently (and if you think they may be getting ready to breed, they're probably doing well), making a change could end up doing more harm than good, even if it's getting their environment closer to whatever's theoretically considered ideal.

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