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platy acting strangely--don't know what's wrong


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I noticed one of my platies laying down on one of the anubias leaves this morning, I thought it was already dead so I went to pick it up but it started to swim once I touched it. it then it swam a teeny bit a way from the leaf then it circled back around to it and it went to lay back down on it. 

I checked my parameters, they're all fine and the other platies and the honey gouramis are acting perfectly normal, so I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with this one particular platy. 

when it swam away from the leave it was laying on, it did look like it kept gasping for air at the top of the water...but the other ones aren't doing that so I don't understand how it can be a lack of oxygen if they're not all acting the same way.

I'm afraid I have no idea what could be wrong, any advice or suggestions...?

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