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Aquarium Co-OP App

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Screenshot_20210414-144039_Settings.jpg.55035dc2d6c0cc88669c89b17ec2a205.jpg20210414_144459.jpg.ff8bd02d35b978116a7559f5c0a6a247.jpgSaturday I went to do an update on an app when my phone informed me I was low on storage. This seemed odd as I dont do anything that takes up large amounts of storage. Iooked through some stored video I have saved and deleted a videos and pictures to try and free up some storage. Even after doing the above I was still getting low phone storage messages. Today I found the culprit, the aquarium Co-OP app I dont know how or why, but some how I had 19gigs of storage being used. I un installed the app and installed it again. Before and after usage...

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