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Hole in the Head??


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So, one of my angelfish haven't been their normal selves recentley. I didn't really think much of it till today....

Today he refused to eat, all the other fish were going crazy for the food, but he just left it. He likes to hide in the Swords, but he isn't really that active.

As metnioned today he didn't eat and he and long stringy white poop, sound like parasites... At first I thought to leave and if it got worse find some treatment. But... after doing a photo shoot with the other angel, I saw somerthing... UH-OH!

It looks like MAYBEEE hole in the head, but I need someones confrimation.


I live in Canada so I don't acess to meds like Paraclense. But I did see some Fritz Mardel Parasheild behind the counter at my LFS, maybe give that a try? als the Supertech 100% Natural Fish Health Remedy MIGHT be able to treat minor parasite infections. 

What are your thoughts?

Let me know if the pictures loaded, I've been having trouble with that recentley.

Anything helps guys, even encourgement.

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Aww poor Angel! I can’t give advice about the head lesion, but I can say that white stringy poop may just be from the fact that he hasn’t been eating. The digestive tract keeps producing mucus even though there’s nothing to digest. I don’t know that it’s a sign of parasites directly—though if the parasites make a fish stop eating, the white poop could be an indirect symptom.

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