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That looks to me like it is some form of planaria (or flatworm).

Is it a big deal?  I have them in my tank, and my various critters (including neocaridina shrimp that are breeding like mad) seem to not really be bothered.  So, I don't try particularly hard to get rid of them in my tank. 

As an anecdote, I mostly seem to find a bunch of them in the water column when I service my powerhead (the intake gets filled with bladder/malaysian trumpet snails and really reduces flow, and after I clean it the flow goes high, and a bunch seem to get pulled through the system by that increased flow) and my white cloud mountain minnows will pick those ones up as a free snack.

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Look an awful lot like detritus worms, but without a microscope it's tough to say. Regardless, they're a normal part of many aquariums and as @RockMongler said, they're free fish food.

They don't look like the typical planarians, which many people will treat to remove. No eye spots or arrow shaped head. If you find them unsightly, you can probably reduce their numbers by reducing the amount of food you add to the tank.

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