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  1. Hello from Vermontville, Michigan! I am fairly new to the aquarium world, I inherited a 10gal Glofish tank from my grandson who lost interest. I had to go online and educate myself….I learned so much from Cory’s videos! He’s always my “go to” when I have a question. The 10gal tank became the home for my female betta, Scarlett. I bought a 20gal for the GloFish tetra, added Columbian tetra, zebra danios and a female betta, Mara. All fake plants in that tank, I eventually want to try other fish…GloFish would not have been my first choice if I had started from scratch. I recently bought my first bunch of live plants from Aquarium Co Op for my 10gal betta tank. I learned how to glue them on to the rocks and decorations….another learning experience guided by Cory’s video! Glad to be here….excited to learn more!
  2. Thank you for your reply. I actually coated the piece yesterday before I realized it was the glossifier. I got very concerned and decided to toss the piece rather than risk poisoning the fish. I hated to lose it, but better safe than sorry! Thanks, again!
  3. I’m new here…I have a 20gal community tank and a 10gal betta tank. I have a question about sealing aquarium decor and wondered if anyone has experience with plasti dip. I read it is safe for aquariums, but I accidentally bought the plasti dip glossifier, and was wondering if it is also safe for coating aquarium decor. Hope this question is okay.
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