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  1. Hello @Beardedbillygoat1975, I will definitely upload a picture when I get the second order of plants! Thanks for all the help!
  2. Hello, I am in the process of cycling a new 29-gallon aquarium. Here are the specifics: Size: 29 gallon Substrate: Eco-Complete Plants: 1-Java Fern, 1-Bacopa Caroliniana, 1-Cryptocoryne Wendtii, 1- Anubias Golden, 1-Vallisneria, 1-Amazon Sword Filter: Tidal 35 I am a bit confused... I am trying to follow the correct procedure for a fishless cycle. However, when I read about Fritzyme 7 it says that it is an "instant" process. Is that correct? Below are my water test results and just about anything I have done to the water. I would like to do about 50% water change today due to tannins, even though I boiled the Mopani wood, and boiled it and boiled it. My water looks like tea. It improved a lot when I did a 50% change on January 14. Will a water change at this point hurt the cycling process? Overall, am I following the right process to get my tank to cycle? Do I want to keep adding Fritzyme7 and Fishless fuel to keep the water with some ammonia level?? I would appreciate any comments or insights!! Thanks! Time Temp pH Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate Notes 1/11 17:15 56.6 7.4 0 0 0 + water and 1 tsp Fritz Complete 1/11 + 12 oz Fritzyme 7 & 1.5 tsp Fishless Fuel 1/11 19:45 62.9 7.4 4.0 0 5.0 1/12 13:17 78.0 +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier 1/12 +2.4 oz Fluval Carbon to HOB Tidal 35 (tannins) 1/12 +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier 1/13 17:40 78.6 7.8 4.0 0.5 10.0 1/13 +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier 1/14 50% Water Change (tannins) 1/14 +6oz Fritzyme 7 1/14 +1 tsp Fritz Complete 1/14 +1/2 tsp Fritz Fishless Fuel 1/14 +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier 1/14 18:20 69.4 7.4 4.0 0.0 10.0 1/15 18:00 78.9 7.4 0.0 2.0 40.0 1/15 +live plants 1/15 +root tabs 1/15 +3 pumps Easy Green 1/16 15:30 78.2 7.4 0.0 5.0 40.0 1/16 +6oz Fritzyme 7 1/16 +1 tsp Fishless Fuel
  3. Hi Left O, Thanks for the clarification. Do you think it is appropriate to have more than one of the other plants?
  4. Hello, I am starting a new 29 gallon aquarium and am just about ready to start cycling the tank and would like to order plants in the next week or so. Below is a list of plants I am considering. I have not grown live aquarium plants before except for one or two here and there years ago. I would love your thoughts on the appropriate number / mix of plants so that the aquarium isn't over or under planted. Also, please feel free to suggest a different mix, addition or deletion of plants on my list. Amazon sword - Background - Qty = 2 Vallisneria - Background - Qty = 2 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green - Qty = 2 Java Fern - Midground - glued to rocks or driftwood - Qty= 2-3 Dwarf Sagittaria - Midground - Qty=1-2 Anubia Golden - Foreground - glued to rocks or driftwood - Qty=2 Is that too many plants? Too few? I want the plants to elevate the overall look of the aquarium and to help improve water quality. Not sure how important the list of potential fish is but here is what I am considering: Silver Hatchet Fish - Top Level - Qty = 6 Zebra Danio - Top Level - Qty = 10 Neon Tetra - Middle Level - Qty = 10 Golden Mystery Snail - All Over - Qty = 3 Corydoras - Bottom - Qty = 6 Thanks in advance! Joe
  5. Hello, I am in the process of setting up a new 29-gallon freshwater tank. I would love for everyone to comment on the list of fish below, their numbers and anything that I can do to improve the mix before I head to my local fish store. I will be cycling the tank using the following: Tap water that starts out at 7.4 pH Fritz Complete FritzZyme 7 Fritz Fishless Fuel Here is the equipment I will be working with (unless someone sees an opportunity to improve) 29 Gallon Tank ( 30.6"L x 19.0"H x 13.25"W) Tidal 35 HOB Power Filter CaribSea Eco Complete - Black (mixed with some small natural colored substrate) I plan to use Purigen in the filter along with the the foam filter and Matrix Bio-Media (after the tank has cycled) Here are the fish that I am considering and where I really hope for comments and suggestions. I would like to see activity at all three levels of my tank (top, mid, bottom), a lot of activity, color, schooling and general interest. Silver Hatchet Fish - Top Level - Qty = 6 Zebra Danio - Top Level - Qty = 10 Neon Tetra - Middle Level - Qty = 10 Golden Mystery Snail - All Over - Qty = 3 Corydoras - Bottom - Qty = 6 (not sure what variety. suggestions?) I will also be buying all of my plants from AquariumCoOp. I will be asking for advice on the number and types of plants in another post. Is this a good mix of fish for a community tank? Is this generally a good number of each type of fish? Too many? Thanks you for your comments and suggestions! Joe
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