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  1. I use the Seachem Tidal Power Filters (https://www.seachem.com/tidal-filters.php) and love them. Completely silent, easy to maintain, and tons of space to use whatever media, foam, floss, or any other combination you want.
  2. Ken, I drip acclimate fish that come in breather bags. Basically you transfer the fish and water from the breather bag into a small container. Then connect an air line from the aquarium where they will finally reside and start a syphon from the aquarium into the container with the fish and bag water. Use a slow drip. You can use an air valve to control the flow or simply tie a lose knot on the hose to get the desired drip rate. When the water volume in the container has doubled, then float that container in the tank so the temperature can equalize. Once the temperature is equalized, net the fish out of the container, move it to the aquarium and dispose of the container water. This is a very slow process, but works for me. As you probably have seen, there are many different ways to do the same thing. Not right or wrong... just different 🙂
  3. Hi everyone,I am new to the hobby. I started my first tank in March of this year. Thanks to YouTube and the many different aquarium forums like this one, now there are 5 tanks in my house. A 20 gallon traditional display, a 40 breeder Walstad tank, a 10 gallon neocardinia tank, a 10 gallon growout tank for the 40+ CPD fry I bred from 1 male and 3 females, and now there is a 20 gallon tank waiting for some special fish from Select Aquatics, Limia Peguria.I am looking forward to meeting some of you and learning as much as I can.Regis
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