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  1. I will bring a test kit to work tomorrow and test. They were eating absolutely fine and acting normally.
  2. Came back to work after the weekend to some red patches on my guppies bodies I don't think its ammonia burn because its not around the gills more the tails and bodies. It has only affected 3 of them so far the biggest one seems unaffected so far. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Well after 10 days it looks like the disease is on the way out which is awesome I can't see any fish with it on them anymore which is great. I'm glad I didn't use any meds and I ended up only losing one of my fry which is not too bad. Thank you so much for your info you have really really helped me solve this and this knowledge will definitely help me in the future. Thank you once again!
  4. Thank you so much for the info it's really helpful. I have turned up my heat up and added some salt, not too sure about how much salt to add though so only added a small amount to start with but will add a bit more later today. It is really disheartening to see as everything was going so well I really hope my little fish make it through this. Thanks again for the help.
  5. I have just noticed white spots on a fair few of my fry in my 50L fry tank. What would have caused this? I have never had ich in any of my tanks before, the water parameters are all fine the only thing I can think of was the water temp went up to 28°C the other day because its was so hot outside. How do I treat fry for ich? I have about 50 fry of varying ages in the tank a combination of swordtails and guppy. I'm guessing you can't treat with normal medication due to their age and size. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.
  6. Just got this guy yesterday a Half Moon Mustard Gas Betta he is amazing such a beautiful fish. Almost had a heart attack as I was walking past my tank I saw his fins wrapped around the filter intake so in a panic I got in as fast as I could to detach him, turns out he was quite happy just leaning against it and looked quite angry I moved him. Lets see some other interesting Bettas.
  7. It worked a treat I was actually surprised how much easier it made it best $2 I have spent in a while thats for sure. I managed to clean under stuff I don't want to move and picked up a lot of debris. Definitely worth trying. I found it actually made my job much easier my tank is built into a bar and is very awkward to clean so it really did help me, it was a good cheap experiment overall for me.
  8. I made a mini syphon out of airline tube and had my net over a cup in case I accidentally sucked up any fry lol
  9. I just made mine and only cost $2 I will try it and let you know how I go.
  10. Saw a video of someone who had attached a Turkey baster to their gravel vac to help stir up debris in the gravel in heavily planted tanks. Has anyone tried it? I think it looks like a fantastic idea which I will definitely try later today.
  11. That's very interesting mine sound pretty similar but are never normally timid they are normally right there watching every movement I make. When you say 'startle' them it actually made me think maybe I did scare him a bit considering it was night time and most lights apart from their tank light were off, he may not have seen me clearly and got spooked but its just strange because I've never had an issue in the last 3 months of owning them. I got them as a pair when they were quite young and they have now matured and are getting ready to breed (I think, and hope). It's good to see its not just me as it actually was quite sad to watch I couldn't understand the issue as all the other fish were fine so I knew it wasn't water parameters. Thanks for the reply Schwack
  12. Last night I was doing something and heard a splash coming from the tank and when I looked over my male Pearl Gourami was going nuts he was swimming up to the surface and splashing and then down to the bottom smashing himself into the substrate and stirring it all up then into the sides, he continued this for about 5 minutes until he went to the opposite end of the 6ft tank where its heavily planted and hid in the bottom corner which is very unusual behaviour for him. At this point I decided to let them have an early night and switched off the tank lights. This morning he was absolutely fine and back swimming with the female. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? What could be the cause and is it something to be concerned about? Thanks 🐟
  13. Unfortunately here in Australia assassin snails are illegal and pea puffers cost about $250 each and are very hard to track down.
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