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  1. so would a 5 be good for a tank for 1 with airstone planted and spongefilter if they would fight
  2. That's right we are Nerms and Nerms never give up.
  3. Violet corydoras fins do not tell gender, to tell the gender of a cory the females are larger and plumpe and have bigger heads. However the corydoras fins might of had a bacterial infection and fell of can you maybe post some pictures
  4. I'm sorry I am talking about leaves and also if the blackbeard algae gets bad enough you can always dip the leaves in hydrogen peroxide if it gets to bad on the leaves
  5. trim them when they are turning clear and almost liquid
  6. you can trim dying leaves and dip them all in hydrogen peroxide
  7. what about a spotted congo puffer i might be able to get a tank for my living room about a 75 any options
  8. species only tank i would like it to e single specimen if it could be so i can get a bigger puffer
  9. i have a long 40 gallon tank it is a 40 breeder any full freshwater puffers that would work
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