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  1. ahhh ok! thank you for letting me know its normal for this plant to do this!
  2. Update on my plants. Nothing much is going on with the anubias for now. My cryptocoryne wendtii green leaves have been healthy and also healthy new growth. No melting at all since i planted it on Sep 9 My cryptocoryne parva i haven't notice any grown as far as I'm aware. I always struggle with a few getting uprooted by my nerite snails The baby tears are growing and dying? The bottom leaves are becoming yellow, and new growth looks healthy and green. Still considering on planting more plants. The 2 scarlet temple melted away.
  3. Update: whatever the pleco had is now completely gone. Both sides look normal now
  4. @Patrick_Gwell my scarlet temple melted pretty fast in my tank. its literally gone. I had gotten 2 plants a week ago. but both melted. and it was so beautiful when it arrived! 😪
  5. Update its almost not noticeable. It has gone down by itself
  6. @eatyourpeas@Patrick_G@HobbitGot the crushed coral today and my API test kits. The liquid test kits are obviously more accurate than the strips so here are my results. Also, my understanding is that crushed coral will also increase GH correct? which means I should stop using seachem equilibrium to raise the GH of my tap water. From the tank: pH 6.6, nitrate 5-10, GH 10 drops so around 180 ppm, dkH was 1 drop or 1 degree From the tap: pH 7-7.2 (very hard for me to tell), nitrate 0, GH 2 drops so around 35.8pp, dKH was 2 drops or 2 degrees. dont know the conversion from degree to ppm.
  7. @Patrick_Gyep that is it. However i never understood why as it grew, the bottom part would become green..and only the very top tips would have the red color. At one point there was some algae on it. I bleach bath for too long and affected the growth. It stop growing fast, and then as you can see in the picture it's just green and no red top anymore
  8. May I ask, what was the mistake? these would be my first pink/red plants so just a little nervous. I've only kept Anubias, cabomba (which used to grow like crazy), Java fern, recently got cryptocoryne parva and Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green. I also got this plant which im not sure what it is. Hornwort? got it at a lfs and they didnt know what it was, used to grow quick but now it grows really slow, the very top of the plant would have a slight hue of redish/pink. but currently is just green. Rotala Wallichii
  9. @eatyourpeasI was thinking of raising my KH with crushed coral. I order some crushed coral and mesh bags to place in my filter. I was also worry about the KH buffer affecting plants and critters, however i was reading around that a low KH it's best for most plants? But that's why I decided to get crushed coral, I'm still waiting for it deliver but should i worry about crushed coral affecting anything negatively. The substrate on my tank i placed over 4-5 years ago, and it's fluval stratum so I'm assuming that's what's keeping the pH low in my tank.
  10. You know, thinking about it, he has always been the same size ever since i got it, could possibly be almost 12! 😮 I got him when I was coming back from Niagara falls from a small fish store on the way back, the fish store was in the middle of nowhere, and transported for 6 hours back to NYC. It will be pretty sad once i lose the pleco
  11. My clown pleco is 11 years old! 😁 Got him back in Aug 2010. There's actually 1 problem I'm having with him i assumed is from age which i posted about on here. There's some pictures of him and yep he has 2 pieces of driftwood, which he loves to be around in 24/7, He does enjoy flakes though! It will be sad once i lose my pleco.
  12. Would love to! But I'm limited by the size of my tank ☹️. 10 gallon with 1 dwarf blue gourami, 5 ember tetra, 1 clown pleco, 3 nerite snails and 2 amanos.
  13. Yeah, I was hesitant about it since when I've read that when you split anubias, you should leave at least 3 leaves on the rhizomes. Cutting all the damage ones would pretty much just leave only like 1 or 2 on the rhizomes. Thanks everyone for the info. Bought some easy green, waiting on shipment. I also order a nitrogen test as I've noticed that my nitrogen can pretty much remain at 0 for weeks. Now i understand that plants eat the nitrogen, but since i already have low nitrogen, wouldn't that mean that adding any fast growing plants, they would struggle to grow because my nitrogen levels are at constant low? I'm adding more plants to my tank, order baby tears, and scarlet temple just to add more.
  14. thanks @Patrick_Gand @RockoB, what confuses me is that the anubias with holes on their leaves are not dying, they've had holes on them for a few months now, and they keep being green and don't change color. Now, are you both saying that I should trim off the green leaves with holes on them? are they consider dying even though they still are green for a few months now? just confirming. What about the Anubias nana petite with brown tips? Thanks for the input
  15. Update on pleco, it seems like this growth has gone down a little bit? and change colors to a more yellowish tone, its more flat now.
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