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  1. Coop's Scarlet Temples seem to be grown emersed. I recently purchased a few and am experiencing the same melt. I'll give them 1-2 months to acclimate/bounce back. If they don't, I'll prob source Scarlets from local hobbyists who've been keeping them immersed for a while. The melt is crazy frustrating, but part of the process. Looking forward to the next few months, though. Hope to see a bountiful bounce back.
  2. agreed! thanks, def won't be trying this. Thank you all!
  3. Hey all, After much research, I'm still halfway on the fence about this. Can Kribensis happily live in a brackish tank? Some say yay others– nay. What do y'all think? Appreciate you and any help/advice! best
  4. Hey all, As always, thank you for the help. This community is immensely helpful and kind. Just like the title says, I'm moving from East to West Coast and, after breaking down and rearranging gear, I have 5 aquariums ranging from 5 gallons to 30 gallons that need to be transported. I love all my fish (have had them for quite some time) and don't want to donate any (unless I really have to). Do you know of any legit companies that can assist with this, or any methods that you've tried that work? Thanks again and happy holidays! -dtc
  5. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you're great. Just like the title says, wondering if you know of any scud-like creatures I could purchase for my small saltwater set-up? I keep them in my freshwater systems as the smallest members of the clean-up crew (barring bacteria), wondering if they have some saltwater counterparts. Appreciate any and all help. Best! DTC
  6. Good deal, think our setups are similar enough. Honestly, thank you all for your input. thinking this experiment will be a success after-all. Will keep any of y'all updated (just Dm and I'll make sure updates get to you.)
  7. Just like the title says, i've decided to experiment with some saltwater (first time venturing into the realm, but I do keep a 30g brackish tank). Anyway, I setup a 10 gallon cube, filtered by a sponge and a mangrove. There's a heater, live rock, and the substrate= various densities of crushed coral + live sand. The setup houses one saddleback clown (just his grow-out, don't worry, he will be moved to a larger setup as he matures), an emerald crab, and a candy-cane shrimp, + two bubble-tip anemones, species unknown to me, but they're a light-neon-green color (see attached pic.) Everything is housed under a Fluval Marine light. Water changes occur once a week with RO sea water, which is supplemented with Fritz. All has been up and running for a bit over a month, and all seems well. So, the reason I'm posting: I have to ask... Have any of you had similar success with such a low-tech saltwater set-up? Mine seems pretty perfect at the moment (hope I didn't jinx it.) If so, any advice/tips would be much appreciated on how to maintain this tank's longevity. I truly love it, and can't really foresee any problems with it thus far... best, DTC
  8. It was a female nemo koi betta. She was in there for about two-three days, eating the planaria. Once I noticed the worm problem was handled, I returned her to her tank. And no, no nipped fins. I guess I have some docile peas, they seem intimidated by her/ curious more than anything. That... or because her fins aren't long, they mustn't be that attractive. Hope that clears things up for ya.
  9. Yup! They do great, as do adult ghost shrimp. In my experience, no matter the snail size, they'll always get picked off. But! those crayfish are prime. On a side note, I had a planaria worm infestation and threw in a betta to handle the pests and all was well.
  10. Hey you all, Do any of you know, or have had any success, with plants in brackish tanks? If so, which? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you. ( I keep 6 Figure 8 Puffers, a crawfish, and a handful of bumble-bee gobies in the system) - DTC
  11. Thank's for your replies! Greatly appreciate you guys. Ended up adding 4 bumblebee gobies, a ton of scuds, and a large blue crawfish (yup, it has protected itself so successfully the puffers have decided to leave it alone). Aside from some scuds that get eaten (which is prime), all seems harmonious. Thanks again all.
  12. Hey guys, Do you have any clean-up crew recos for a brakish tank with three figure 8 puffers? Seems like anything I drop in there gets picked off pretty quickly. Thanks for any help!
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