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  1. Final update for those who's interested: Female Gourami Nothing changed with her, so I reckon ya'll are right – the white flaps are most likely from nicks from other fishes/decorations. Male Gourami The 'blister' is gone now after quarantine in the hospital (salted) tank. He looks good and has gone back to being aggressive as usual. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply to this post! It has been immensely helpful in navigating these problems level-headedly. Cheers! Have a good day and stay safe!
  2. Cool 😎 Thanks @Noobyand @Brandon p next time I'll try both and hopefully get a better image.
  3. Oh wow you were able to take such a clear close up picture - what camera did you use and how are you able to get a picture like this? Thanks @laritheloud for asking after my gourami and sorry for the slow reply. There's been a development but not with the female gourami. So far there's been no noticeable change with her – physically or behaviour wise. Let me know if there's anythings else I should keep an eye on. Anyway, the next day or so I notice the male gourami had like a layer of skin which reminds me of 'blister' (not cotton like) on top of his head. There's also like a hole on it so sometimes when it bugles up I reckon its when water is in it other times it can be flatter on his head. Not too sure what to make of it really. Since, I do know he likes to but his head against the plastic divider and he is the most aggressive and territorial of the bunch. So I've decided to do water change with the main tank and transfer him to a hospital tank that's saturated with salt to avoid him getting infected in case he's skin is compromised. So far there's not much change aside from the 'blister' now is just flat (at most a slight bulge) on top his head. Also just did another water change and so far my plants are flourishing and other fishes seems normal. Not the worse outcome only it left me quite puzzled. Do you think there's something I'm not doing right or have I missed any signs?
  4. Thanks @laritheloudthat's an excellent suggestion otherwise I'll be like a headless chicken over here worrying what I should be doing. Thank you Yeah, thinking of doing water change as well. For now the ammonia is 0ppm and nitrate less than 0.05ppm.
  5. no it does not. Yea I kinda thought so too pictures are not the best. I took a video which you can view via the link: Fish Video Yeah, there’s otocinclus, ember tetra, & chilli rasboras. There’s also a male gourami but their are separated by a plastic divider. well I hope that’s the case rather than she’s having any illness. Also this is happening to both sides of her gills. How likely would this be the case in your opinion? I know she and the Otosinculus had a history of nipping each other when their first become tank mates.
  6. Hi, I just notice that my fish has like a thin flap of white transparent with a white dot that’s sways as her gills moves (on both sides). is this something to be concern about? I’m trying to look at gills diseases but can’t find anything close to resemble what I say on my gourami. can anyone give me pointers on what direction I should look it up or has anyone seen this before? I’ve attached photos below. It’s quite hard to take a picture to show it clearly. Let me know if you want me send more pictures
  7. Thanks @Joe L., I'll look it up JC&P LED's and see if I can find them here. Thank you for this suggestion @GuppysnailI shall search if there's viable options for me - quite excited and hopeful
  8. Found this lights named Ledstar AQ WRGB, and I've listed some details below. What do you all think? There are 2 series C and J series. Both are has water proofing (IP68), CREE 5050 for While LED and Epistar 5050 for RGB LED LEDSTAR AQ C SERIES WRGB Built in controls for brightness and timer And LEDSTAR AQ J SERIES RGB+W Control via App and Bluetooth 5.0 Do you think these are good? If so, which should I go with or do you reckon the specs are close enough that it does not matter too much?
  9. Thanks for all your input. I finally found a manufacturer and hire them to make a custom aquarium cabinet from wood 🥰
  10. Thank you very much @gjcarew for the links and detailed comparison. Unfortunately I don't live in the US so I am not able to buy the SBReef. Also thank you @DevoB for letting me know of your light settings. It really helps put it in perspective. I will keep looking if I can find any lights that looks promising and give anyone reading an update. So far I am looking at a local budget light that seems ok. But still trying to figure out its PAR value.
  11. I am shopping around for a 4 ft x 2 ft x 3 ft aquarium tank. Most shops in my area sells Acrylic cabinet and even the support frame is made from Acrylic (indicated by red arrows). There are pictures from various angles attached. So now I am worried if it can withstand the weight of substrate, rocks, other decorations, etc.?🤔 Also this type of design, is it still recommended to put a self-levelling mat as the tank is rimless? Please let me know if you think its ok for me to get this type of aquarium cabinet or I should keep to either MDF, Plywood, Solid Wood or Aluminium. Thanks
  12. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the SBReef Freshwater version. My lights would be mounted on the rim of the tank. I don't think I would go for T5 as I am more familiar with LED lights. So in your opinion a Chihiros WRGB has more worth value for money compared to a Fluval 3.0 for a 3 feet tall aquarium? Do you reckon if I get Chihiros WRGB 2 if I would need 1 or 2 of it?
  13. I’ve found a light called ‘AquaNice Neo-Helios Pro Smart Full Spectrum Light’. According to the seller, it’s what i am looking for. I’ve tried looking around for more detailed information or specifications but barely found anything. Has anyone heard or used a Neo Helios Pro light? Is it good enough for a 3 ft tall tank?
  14. Wouldn't SBReef light or the like be suitable? From my understanding these are for marine tanks not freshwater, or does it not matter much aside from the higher PAR value?
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