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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, our betta fish that we have had since June started being lethargic about a month and a half ago and started laying on the bottom of the tank seemingly out of nowhere. We moved him to a hospital tank and raised his temp from 79 in his original 10g home up to 81/82 degrees and did treatment rounds of kanaplex, salt and prazipro. He breathes very heavily but still eats regularly and looks normal when he swims to the surface for air and it’s not uncommon for us to see him swim for about 5-10 seconds before he lays back down for a long while. We think he’s having a gil problem, hyperplasia is our best guess based on breathing problems and how his gills look inflamed. Over his last month of treatment his condition hasn’t worsened or improved, we were wondering if anyone had suggestions such as upping the number of treatments of some type or if it’s not likely he will recover if we should put him down. Thanks ahead of time. ph-7 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate ~10 gh/kh unknown but the tap water is on the harder side but his tank had a good amount of wood and almond leaves leeching tannins temp 79 in main tank, 81/82 in the hospital tank
  2. my betta's operculum is open on one side, ive been looking and nothing appears to be stuck. i l googled a bit and could this be gill hyperplasia? I dont see anything under the operculum as her breaths and i cant really tell if it is inflamed as he is a more orange red fish. i checked the parameters a few days ago when i was going to do a watcher change but i ended up just topping off the water cause the parameters were fine. he tends to flare at the nerites i have in there occasionally, could this be the issue? i have moved the nerites to another tank and added some salt to his tank.
  3. Hi, I just notice that my fish has like a thin flap of white transparent with a white dot that’s sways as her gills moves (on both sides). is this something to be concern about? I’m trying to look at gills diseases but can’t find anything close to resemble what I say on my gourami. can anyone give me pointers on what direction I should look it up or has anyone seen this before? I’ve attached photos below. It’s quite hard to take a picture to show it clearly. Let me know if you want me send more pictures
  4. Hi guys, I currently have 4 otos in the tank for a month now, and 1 of them has these bumps on the gills (below the mouth). I noticed this guy likes to isolate himself from the rest most of the time and hides a lot. I just noticed these bumps on the gills. Does anyone know what these bumps are? and how should i treat it? thanks!
  5. My oranda is only using one gil and the affected side seems to be swollen. I understand this swelling could be wen growth but it’s most prominent on his affected cheek and mouth. He also hides in the upper corner of the aquarium and will occasionally tip forward. I’ve dosed the water column with general cure. Only new additions are some wood I put with Java Fern and Bucephalandra. All other goldfish are fine.
  6. Green neon originally had a fleshy pebble like mass near the gill and now has this little fleshy but jagged area. About a week ago I dosed salt for a couple days and the area looked better now it has this. No other fish at issue.
  7. Hi! I recently picked up some goldfish from someone and I noticed that one of them had curled gill plates. It was really odd, I started reading some of the topics online and I wanted to know what the cause could be. Many people said it was because of the ammonia in the water which is very likely. Do the curled gill plates cause fish to have problems breathing or swimming. That same fish seem to also has a swimming problem as well. It flips upside down sometimes but it swims upright. It seems to be having a hard time trying to swim upright almost as if it were tired of swimming upright. What can I do to deal with the curled gill plates and with the swimming problem?
  8. My lil boy endler has something going on with his gills. They’re bright red and there’s red in his underside too. It almost looks like they’re bleeding. I don’t think it’s ammonia burn because I’ve been testing daily since I got him and two females on Sunday night - and ammonia is zero, nitrites 0, nitrates 10-20. Ph is 6.8-7.2. Temp is 72. Also the two females and two surprise fry seem unaffected. I’m keeping a close eye on them though. i found him this morning hiding under the sponge filter base, almost kinda rubbing his belly against the substrate, I knew something was wrong. i threw together a 10 gal qt tub (thank you so much Irene!) and decided to start treating with maracyn after some quick internet research. The qt tub is the same temp as the main tank and has a seeded sponge filter and heater. in the qt tank, even though there are hiding spots he’s out, swimming erratically/glass surfing often. I don’t see him shimmying or clamped fins. (Sorry for all the description, I can’t get a good picture of him, he’s so small and fast). a few questions about treatment: - should/can I treat simultaneously with salt? -should/can I treat simultaneously with paracleanse in case it’s gill flukes? Or should I run the full maracyn treatment, and then try paracleanse if it’s not better? -I know you don’t feed during the quarantine trio, is that true also of the maracyn treatment? Should I withhold food until at least day 4? With one tiny endler in a 10 gal, would feeding still lead to an ammonia spike? - hoping he gets through this, how soon after symptoms are resolved can he return to the main tank? i don’t know how y’all do this! I am beside myself with worry! 😥
  9. I bought this angelfish from my local store and didn't notice the hole and now i don't know what the problem is . Please help if its a birth defect or any disease .
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