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  1. Yeah I might try to just passively breed it but idk
  2. Oh also while I have you here do you know why my Oscar doesn’t seem to eat the whole pellet or stick he just seems to chew it up a little bit and then spit it out should I try feeding him something different? Thanks
  3. ok, thanks I didn’t know that, that makes sense. I will keep that in mind next time thanks all.
  4. @Cory @Robert I don’t want to be annoying I just thought maybe you guys would know?
  5. I keep different types, I keep an Oscar tank. A krib breeding tank. And some community tanks. And I’ve been in the hobby for about 9 months. Thanks for the welcome.
  6. My mollies have been breeding and I found this one and I call the strain butterfly molly because her pectoral fins kinda look like butterfly wings. I was curious if anyone has seen this before or if I could try to get more of these ones and sell them as a new or different strain. Sorry for the bad quality it’s hard to get a pic of her when she’s still. (It’s the one in the middle of the screen)
  7. Does anyone know if there are about 3 panda garras and 3 otos in stock at the coop? I was looking to buy some and I realize Robert said he bought some last week but I was curious if anybody knew if they were still in stock? Thanks!
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