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  1. @ShmatyOur garden still hasn't recovered from the winter, there's nothing to even show for it. Plus, it gets increasingly difficult to maintain it all every year. Sometimes I feel that it is easier to order flowers through specialized services like https://myglobalflowers.com/ Thank you so much for sharing. You have so many animals there and it's so beautiful, and incredibly cool!
  2. Hi and thank you for sharing! I understand this situation - "let it be", when you got 10 ppm, it's irrelevant. But what to do, when values much higher and not only for phospates. Did anyone used decent under sink water filters(similar to it)? I'm wondering, would it solve the situation or not Cheers!
  3. Hey, Jess! How did you decide it finally? I'm thinking about nerite snails too. I got 20 gallon tank(this) but I'm sure that size doesn't matter, does it?
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