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  1. My betta is very docile. doesn’t bother my snails and I can’t get her to nip my fingers even! @Max W.
  2. I just want to make sure what gender fish I have to have a name. I named her Izzy as a female but if it’s a male I’m going to change it.@whitecloud09 That’s what I thought she was. They listed her as a male Koi and looking at its fins it looks like a female.
  3. Thanks for the information! I thought the pet store labeled my betta wrong but then again bettas have all different styles of fins!
  4. By the way the fins are I think that it’s a female. As well as how my betta acts. Not aggressive at all and doesn’t bother my snails and I could trust it with Amano shrimp honestly.
  5. I’m pretty sure that I have a female betta by the way the fins are. When I got it it said that she is a Koi betta male but I don’t think that true. I just want to make sure! she has really changed how she has looked from when she was in a cup! Much more blue now!
  6. I was thinking about possibly adding amono shrimp into that tank. I have mystery snails that I have she leaves alone. I am going to need to add more decor and plants. I have nowhere else to relocate the tank so that's my best bet. As well as this is a 6.5 gallon tank. Plenty better than her in that poor cup.
  7. Thanks for the information! She keeps doing this constantly even as I’m typing this. I tried putting paper on that side of the tank but I’m gonna have to find something thicker so you can’t see through it. I’ve gonna add more rocks and plants to this tank because it is a little bare.
  8. My betta keeps looking at herself in the reflection of the glass and swimming up and down over and over again. She eats fine and is active just I don’t like how she keeps looking at herself and stressing her out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have added a video of her doing this. Here is a video link since I cannot upload it here. (It's on YouTube) :
  9. I have no clue why but I’m really bummed about it because she was so beautiful.
  10. I got Mopani wood dry never put in water that I boiled 4 times. I noticed it had white dots all over it but I think it’s oxygen bubbles.
  11. Very very sadly she has passed away. She was so pretty. I knew that I wanted to get her when I first saw her. She passed away on Monday. I checked up on her before I went to school and she was still alive and breathing kinda a lot. And when I came back she was at the bottom of the tank upside down and lost a little bit of color. I have no clue why. She ate 1 day prior. I tested the water and it was good. I don’t have ammonia test strips but I highly doubt it was ammonia that caused it. I have had the tank cycle for one month before I got her and it had snails in it that I would give food to start the cycle. I also used lots of cycled Bactria sponges from my cichlid tank. My father kept saying on how it’s the pice of driftwood I have in the tank messing things up. I honestly have no clue on why she passed away. I did the math and I only had her for 49 days since when I got her…….. she was really stressed for the last week before she passed. It could have been stress that killed her. Rest in peace zoey 🥺 now I have a empty betta tank debating on what I should do with it or if I should take out the driftwood.
  12. Thanks for the info! I’ve been told that they are very similar. So this surprised me. I have put a air stone into the tank. Lots more surface agitation now. I hope she will get better.
  13. I honestly don’t know. I took a few pictures. Hopefully it helps. Also do you think I should put some aquarium salt into her tank? My father has fresh new and clean mixed saltwater (because he has reef tanks) and I could put some of that into here. Like a takeout soup container amount.
  14. She seems to be breathing faster than usual and not coming up for air as often. Should I put an air stone in the water? I know bettas go to the top for oxygen but my tank barely has any surface agitation.
  15. I have a female koi galaxy betta that is acting weird. She has been laying at the bottom of the tank over the past couple days. I noticed that she was getting blown around by my filter so I put the flow way down and now it’s good. When I first got her 2 months ago she was very curious. Now she is just sitting there. Water quality is perfect and temp is at a good 78 F. She eats bug bites and Northfin betta bits. Any help would be appreciated! I’m worried about her. She eats only a few pellets when she sees them. 😥
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