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  1. It would just be one ten gallon the other one won’t hold water it will be for dart frog grow outs. I think the stand should be fine, it’s a solid metal stand. Yes, I think that is the best option, thank you.
  2. Hey all, im looking to put a couple ten gallon facing the long way on this board below my 30 gallon aquarium (36” long) as you can see in the photo the board I have is not wide enough to fully cover the ten gallon so the corners are hanging off. I have heard this can cause issues with an aquarium as it can twist under the weight of the water. However I was wondering if you can get away with it, with a ten gallon. Opinions, experience ect. Would be great, thank you!
  3. Thank you I do have some ich x I will begin treating that
  4. My Tuscano tetra began to have what I thought to be a fungal infection, I treated with marcyn, but only had three doses (I have since ordered more) And today I noticed a white lump on my oto cat whom I have had for years, and has been very healthy. I’m thinking about treating the whole tank with Maracyn. Thoughts or comments? These fish are not new nor have I introduced any new fish, so it seem to come out of the blue, water parameters are good. I did remove some apistos fry recently to sell, but that all.
  5. I just got this plant in with my aquarium coop order. Was thinking to let it float and not put it substrate, can it grow this way? Looking for a plant to help fry hide in.
  6. Zach K

    Dead Aggie

    Ok I have more paracleanse coming in the mail. So I should treat and then treat again 2 weeks later?
  7. Zach K

    Dead Aggie

    But the water parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5.0
  8. Zach K

    Dead Aggie

    Water parameters are fine, I used paracleanse, and I treated some apistos in a separate tank and they survived and I treated the main tank with two courses of treatment probably about a month apart.
  9. Zach K

    Dead Aggie

    Hello, a week or two I saw my male red Aggie was breathing alittle heavy, didn’t think much of it. He was still eating a lot and being very active and normal. Last night I noticed he was alittle off but was still eating but acting different and breathing heavy. Today when I came home he was upside down and breathing very heavy, he is on his way out. I didn’t want him to suffer so I euthanized him. A couple months ago I had some issues with Gill flukes and killed three gold rams, but I haven’t had any issues since. Not sure if this is the same issue. But the Aggie had no soars or bloating, but the rams did. The Aggie seemed completely normal minus the heavy breathing but no sores or anything of the sort. Can gill flukes lie dormant for a time? No fish have been added since March.
  10. It’s not cracked, I’m thinking maybe something happened with o rings?
  11. Was cleaning out my brine shrimp hatchery today and for whatever the reason the screw that controls the valve does not want to screw back on. Any tips to fix it? Has anybody had this issue? Thanks
  12. Yes I have a hospital tank that I will put him in. Thank you.
  13. I have a male double red apisto, in 30 gallon with a breeding pair of angels and one male betta. It’s is kinda my angelfish breeding tank but it is currently holding the apisto and the betta. I’m not sure who or what was responsible for a chunk of tail missing. I have seen the betta chase him but never seen the angels pay any mind to him. The angelfish DO NOT have eggs currently.
  14. Zach K

    Sick Gold Ram

    Water is fine, it came from a heavily planted tank, all other fish are doing great. I currently don’t have a picture. There is nothing outwardly noticeable or different except the inability to swim normally.
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