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  1. Hi there 🙂 I had a male and 2 female guppies in the tank and recently the favourite female of the male died. Now i am noticing that the male guppy is not interested in mating with the other females in the tank. I also added 2 more females but nothing. He stays wondering alone at the top of the tank. Could it be that he still "misses" her or waiting for her? She died about 2 weeks ago. Should i wait more or maybe i can do something to help him snap out of it like moving him out of the tank and placing him back in a few days? Thanks 🙂
  2. Hi, I have 2 tanks with guppies and i live in the Mediterranean area. Due to high room temperatures reaching 35 °C i am struggling to keep the water temperature between the recommended 27 ~ 29 °Celcius. In fact earlier today one of the tanks displayed a temperature of 32°C. Now i managed to surround the tanks with ice packs and reduced it to about 29~29.5°C. Is there anything else i can do? Thanks Carmen
  3. i have a built in filter that takes carbon incorporated in white wool cartridges. wouldn't other fish eat the snails? also i have a bottom made of gravel not sand thus i am not sure if it is the best for snails.
  4. Hello, i have a 9.5 litre tank and i currently have 2 guppies. i was going to purchase a Cory catfish to add to them to help with the tank upkeep. what do you suggest please? In my research i found that the minimum tank size for these should be 10 gallons (38 litres). is this true and does it apply for young cory too? Also what do you suggest simillar to a catfish which remains small and which will help in the upkeep? thanks
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