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  1. As for the original topic, do any of these thrive in high-flow tanks? (High-flow for a planted community tank, not a river tank or something.)
  2. Hopefully this isn't too much of a hijack? For the recommendations above, is there some top recommended vendors? So far I've bought everything from Aquarium Co-Op but they don't appear to carry floaters.
  3. I have not, that's a larger time/effort estimate than I'm willing to make. 😞
  4. I have a Whitecloud that hasn't wanted to eat since I got him in May, he's stayed tiny and is now emaciated. One other like him (out of ten) has already passed. I also have 1 Kyathit Danio that's extremely emaciated with a second (out of ten) starting to look skinny. The rest of the tank is plump and boisterous, I've been overfeeding. I use location, different foods, and timing to make sure food is available to everyone. I've watched the emaciated fish ignore food repeatedly, often spitting out anything they do start to eat. Flake, pellet, wafer, dried, and frozen food all get ignored. All of it is from Aquarium Co-Op thus quality. I don't see any external signs of parasites, injury, or other distress. Weekly water changes, all parameters good, heavily planted high-tech tank. Any ideas on what I can do differently? Thank you!
  5. Great thread here, thanks Cory and others. I'm in a similar position as the OP. Little stock, lots of plants, huge amount of bio filtering, and nitrates that never seem to get above 5 on my Tetra test strips despite dosing easy green. Oh, and a huge hair algae problem. I'll try dosing until I hit 20ppm and then report back. Side note: it's so refreshing to have a real forum with in-depth information that can be found! Facebook is a major step backwards from the forums of 10-15 years ago...
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