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  1. Got some emperor tetras but failed too quarantine and go figure a week later I see a couple white dots forming on the group of tetras. Because I have them in a heavily planted 250 gallon system will the ratio of 1 tablespoon per 2 gallons of water hurt my plant? Primarily a forest of several cryptocoryne species.
  2. Backstory: live in WI where water is fairly hard. Ph sits at 8.0, gh is high and kh is also around 150ppm out the tap after sodium water softener. I set up a 210 gallon aquarium with a 40 gallon sump. Had crushed coral sand(mistake) and a mix of red granite gravel and volcanic planted substrate. And installed 2x 48" fluval 3.0s. With injected c02 via inline diffuser. Specific plants thrived! But most stem plants even when floated for 3 weeks would just melt after being put in my aquarium. I did numerous amounts of testing and found that in my tank my Gh was at well over 300 ppm. Present: I have now installed a rodi water system and removed all but a half pound of the crushed coral sand and added 60lbs of eco complete black aqua soil to the tank. I've done close to 40 to 50 gallons of water changes now removing old water and putting in pure rodi water. After testing it looks like the ph has dropped to 7.6, kh is at 120ppm but GH won't change and is still holding at over 300ppm. I don't know if I am fighting a losing battle or if I need to add tannins to the water to help in dissolving some of that gh. I want more flexibility in what I plant in my tank. And hard water I feel is my culprit what are some thoughts on this?
  3. I currently own a 210gallon high tech setup( 2 48 inch fluval 3.0s Co2 system and auto water change and sump) which has been up and running for over a year. Unfortunately thing is that Wisconsin has extremely hard water. Which in turn creates heavy restrictions on what I can grow in my tank. Does anyone have ideas on how to set up an R/o system to help drop the pH to a readable level?
  4. Inside and the Tank is a pre drilled on
  5. Bought a new 210 gallon glass tank put it on the stand but noticed a finger nail catching scratch. Does anyone have a method of fixing it that isn't too invasive?
  6. Bought a new 210 gallon glass tank put it on the stand but noticed a finger nail catching scratch. Does anyone have a method of fixing it that isn't too invasive?
  7. Yeah I'm going to order some test strips. Hopefully accurate results will come of it.
  8. Have been shaking the liquid test kits vigorously for around a min each do a 70% water change and my water will not move from 80 ppm HELP! The test kit doesn't expire till 2024.
  9. I am running a medium planted 210 gallon tank with a 40gallon breeder sump with 2 48" Fluval 3.0's. What would you recommend for CO2 bubble rate? The CO2 gets pumped into the Sump.
  10. Not to concerned about tank busting it will be going in a 210 once ready. Being that they do come from a warmer climate I wonder if 79 is still a tad to chilly for it maybe? Just don't want to disturb my Polypterus with to drastic of a temp change they are my water babies. I wonder if 83 degrees would initiate anything in regards to the bulbs growth.
  11. I normally would agree but I scratch some material off the bulb to see if it would grow back. The crazy thing is that it grew back the material that was scratched off.
  12. Not sure if anyone here has done this before but I have some interesting local aquatic plants that I have thought about harvesting but not sure on the best method to quarantine/ sterilize them of pests and algae anyone here been successful?
  13. I have had a Barclaya longifolia bulb I got sometime in January during that coldspell and it has yet to sprout anything.....the bulb is still firm and doesn't float it does have some green hair algae but I just don't know how to promote the bulb to start sprouting roots at least any tips or tricks? Or is my Bulb actually dead?
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