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  1. Is it possible to buy high grade shrimp (particularly neo) online? I'm curious how people develop competition quality shrimp, and I assume it begins with finding superior quality stock. Thanks
  2. I hate to say it but I think I've lost. I'm down to 3 puffers and I don't think they'll make it. I've been doing 80-90% water changes for six days and have been feeding various foods with Panaflex and Focus. Last night, in desperation, I also added General Cure, EM and Ich-X. This morning they continue to look worse. None of the other fish in the tank have been affected from the start, they all look 100%, it's just the puffers. It's very discouraging, I don't think I'll try Puffers again.
  3. Later I'll do another 80+% water change.
  4. I have fed them this morning with food (Vibrabites and Bloodworms) soaked in Panaflex and Focus, but one won't eat at all and doesn't move much. Which sadly allowed me to get better pictures.
  5. I dosed about 4-5 days and it didn't seem to be doing anything, so I stopped with Ich-x and ran a course of General Cure and EM. All the while the puffers seem to get worse, more white spots and itchy, though they seemed more energetic and hungry.
  6. I picked up Kanaplex and Focus. I soaked some blood worms and mysis shrimp in panaflex and focus per the instructions and fed them to the puffers. I gave them about half an hour to eat (3 gorged themselves, the other two just had a little). Then I did about an 80-90% water change, leaving the puffers about an inch to swim, while vacuuming the tank esp the left over food. I've been running the tank at 82 degrees because I thought it was ich. Should I continue to run the tank warm and add Ich X just in case I'm wrong and it really is ich?
  7. I'm about to leave for the LFS to get Kanaplex and Focus. I'm concerned about how to get the puffers to eat the medicine. The LFS suggested mixing it with Repashy, feeding the Repashy to snails and giving the snails to the puffers. Seems reasonable but I'm not sure I have that kind of time. I just had a Flag Fish die without a visible spot or other sign of illness. She did have very nipped fins, maybe the puffers are pissed off now and killed her. The puffers have never gone after another fish before. I have a new empty 5 gallon tank that I could treat the puffers in but that seems too small. I also have an established but currently empty 20 gallon but I don't see the point in moving them right now.
  8. Judging by the pictures in that article, it's quite possible that they have Epistylis. A little extra information: I have 5 amazon puffers, 3 flag fish, 1 otocinclus, 1 butterfly loach and 1 ornate goby. Only the puffers have symptoms and the poor things swim around constantly brushing against things even rocks trying to get it off. Environment: I have a 40 breeder with 2 medium co-op sponge filters and one Tidal 35 HoB. And after reading that article, I think it's reasonable to say that I feed too much. I will try to acquire Kanaplex or Maracyn 2 today. I will continue Ich-X in the meantime but instead of doing 50% water changes, I will increase that to 95% and thoroughly clean the tank. Should I consider picking up a 10 gallon and treat the puffers in that, or are they better off remaining in the 40B? Thanks for your help.
  9. I bought amazon puffers about a week ago. They go ick (I assume) almost immediately. Ichx wasn't doing much at all, so I stopped ich x and I did round of API General Cure and API Erythromycin. Now they look worse than ever. I have resumed Ich x but I'm concerned (perhaps overly) that it's something else and perhaps I should be doing something else. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I had a pair of Endlers and some cherry shrimp in a 20 gallon. I decided to move everything into two 5 gallons, one for shrimp and one for fish. Upon moving, I realized I have a few tiny fry that are now in a temporary container. Are the fry safer with their parents or safer in a tank with only cherry shrimp? Thanks.
  11. I have been looking for Amazon puffers for a while, requesting special orders at all three fish stores in my town and suddenly one store got them and I bought four (4) for my 40 Breeder and I have some questions. First, I have read all the posts I could find here and watched every youtube video I could find before I bought them and I'm aware they need to be medicated. My question is, I didn't have a dedicated quarantine tank when I bought them, so they are in the 40B already. Should I pull them out to medicate them? Can I simply medicate the 40B? Second, in my research I know they adapt to pretty wide parameters but as I've kinda fallen in the love with them, what are the "ideal" parameters (esp temp)? Anyone know what the parameters are like in their native environment? Thanks.
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