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  1. Hello! So today I finally got air conditioning which is the best thing ever since my house has been 90 degrees for the past few weeks. Today the company was finishing up the ducting and some of the fiberglass from the installation got released into the air. One of my tanks was cover but the other wasn’t. I hope that the particles in the water don’t hurt my fish. Does any one know what the particles will do to the fish if anything at all. Thank You in advance!
  2. I have still been running it on my tank and nothing bad has happened so I think it is fine.
  3. I opened it up and nothing looks damaged. There is a slight electrical burn smell coming from the sealed off white section (the attached picture). I still don’t know if it is safe. Also, the impeller isn’t damaged. Any advice. Thank You.
  4. Ok that sucks but thank you.
  5. Hello. As you can probably tell this is urgent and I need help. The other night I turned off the water flow to my Eheim canister filter because I was feeding microworms. I was going to turn back on the water flow that night but I forgot. I didn’t remember about it running and not have water flow until the next night. By then it was very hot and smelled burnt. I turned it off and waited for it to cool down. I then plugged it back in since it only slightly smells like burnt rubber. I hope someone can tell me if my fish will be alright and if I can still use the filter. Thank You
  6. @ApolloAquatics6Thank You.
  7. @ApolloAquatics6I was wondering how many times a day you feed your fish? I have Community Plus Repashy but I was wondering if maybe solient green would help them spawn. Thank you so much.
  8. Do you think they would arrive in good condition and be actual microworms?
  9. I need help finding a place to buy micro worms from. I need them to breed my Pygmy Cories. Any input is appreciated!
  10. I feed baby Brine every few days so they should know that there USB’s food for their fry. I was also thinking about starting to culture microworms but I read that they could eat my fish. I was wondering if you know if microworms are safe and would my breeding project.
  11. Hello, as you can probably tell I need help breeding Pygmy Cories. They are super fat and happy but I can’t get any eggs from them. It is a heavily planted 10 gallon with Pygmy Cories and Amano Shrimp. I have 6 Cories and I definitely know that I have at least one female in the group. I hope someone has some advice. Thank You for reading!
  12. Ahhh dang it. It’s my nerites. Thanks for the help
  13. Hi I have a group of six Pygmy Cories and I have been seeing these eggs around the tank are these from the Pygmy Cories??
  14. Ok l will try my best to be careful and then feed them good and treat them well afterwards. Thank You for the help I have been stressing over it but you relieved all of my stress.
  15. I was wondering if it would be alright if I rescaped my tank with some Pygmy Cories and amano Shrimp in the tank?
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