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  1. Got some today at my LFS, it had caught my eye while I was there getting frozen foods. I asked one of the employees what the care requirements for it where and they said medium light stem plant, and that's it. I went onto the internet to find this seemed like NOT IT. The forums I read upon said the plant required medium to high light which I have on the tank and it needed to float? If anyone has had past experiences with this plant I would love to know as much as I can. It's super lush and I would be really sad if it died.
  2. Provide cover for the shrimp and the fry and you will see babies.Get a large clump of java moss for the minnows to spawn in and provide rocks and crannies for the shrimp babies to hide in. Not sure about the liquid rock water tho.
  3. yep silvertips tetra, Saw some chasing in the tank, but noticed it was a male (orange) chasing a female(yellow) they were weaving inbetween plants and every once in a while stopped to shake,then started to notice eggs in all sorts of places, their shiny white and TINY, I only had bought the tetras a few days ago, the thought of breeding them never even came to mind. No eggs have hatched I think my PH is too high for the eggs to hatch which is a bummer.
  4. Thanks, will do! will share results
  5. my siltertips are breeding, there are other fish in there, should i take them out? if the babies make it what do feed them? its a 50 gallon, there are eggs already.
  6. I have a 20 gallon currently still going and I used stratum as my substrate. It made my ph go from 7.5 to 7.2, my ph has stayed at 7.2-7.3 for the past few months, I think, and by that i mean i dont know, but i think that after 2 years in MY experience the ph will start to go up as you do water changes and the stratum weakens. Your fish will most likely be fine. Ive taken a family friends guppies, tigerbarbs, corydoras and snails come from their tank with a ph just below 8, they went right into the 20 without issue
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