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  1. Thank you, this has been really helpful. I guess I was too overeager to get this going but it will just harm the animals, i'll cycle it properly with plants for a couple of months before starting to add more life to the tank.
  2. Thanks for your response! What would be a good tank size for that sort of setup? It's only 23 fish in total so I thought 15 gallon would suffice.
  3. Hey guys, I recently set my eye on starting the aquarium hobby, the panemic has us all indoors and limiting our activities so I thought it would be a great hobby both because it's 100% indoors and it can be a challenging and cool hobby. So I did a little digging, went to my local petstore and I came up with a beginner's aquarium idea and I'd like to see what you guys think about it: So my idea is to basically get a 16 gallon aquarium, and startup with the following fish: 6 Rasboras, 8 Zebras, 3 bolivian rams, 3 kuli loaches, 2 chinese algae eaters, and a single angel fish. I'm also thinking about getting a couple of live plants to go with it, and knowing some beginner friendly plants would be great as well. Do you guys feel this idea is adequate? Or what would be some improvements I could make to the plan before I actually go ahead and buy it. Thank you.
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