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  1. This will be a journal for my current tank. One single tank? I know. Blasphemy! The struggle is real. I have been keeping aquariums off and on for nearly 40 years and this is my first foray into a fully planted tank for various reasons. The tank has been up and running for a few months now and I had intended to start this journal right away but...life etc. My current rental lease was changed to allow aquariums so naturally I started planning without delay. My space was limited so I couldn't do my preferred tank (40 breeder) and the tank/stand would be in our main living area so I wanted something that looked nice while hiding most of the equipment. I found a Fluval Spec 16 on sale at my LFS. Customer returned it because it was the wrong color so opened product discount! Tank- Fluval Spec 16 Subtrate- Black aquarium gravel base to give the bed some height at a lower cost Stratum top layer Filteration- has an in tank filter section on one end with 3 chambers First chamber filled with coarse sponge pad cut to size Second chamber Bottom filled with fine rectangular pot scrub sponges (dollar store) Top filled with ceramic bio balls in a mesh bag Third chamber Houses the submersible pump and submersible heater Sponge filter In tank for aeration and grazing Plants- Compact Amazon Swords Red dwarf Aquarium Lily Scarlet Temple Anubias Nana petite Monte Carlo Christmas Moss Bridge Java Moss Micro Sword Water Sprite Fish Celestial Pearl Danio/Galaxy Rasbora Ember Tetra White Cloud Mountain Minnow Otocinclus catfish Bristlenose Plecostomus Inverts- Red cherry shrimp Amano shrimp Nerite snail Ramshorn snails Bladder snails Malaysian trumpet snails These were all early pics follow up to come soon! Thanks for looking
  2. Hey guys, I recently set my eye on starting the aquarium hobby, the panemic has us all indoors and limiting our activities so I thought it would be a great hobby both because it's 100% indoors and it can be a challenging and cool hobby. So I did a little digging, went to my local petstore and I came up with a beginner's aquarium idea and I'd like to see what you guys think about it: So my idea is to basically get a 16 gallon aquarium, and startup with the following fish: 6 Rasboras, 8 Zebras, 3 bolivian rams, 3 kuli loaches, 2 chinese algae eaters, and a single angel fish. I'm also thinking about getting a couple of live plants to go with it, and knowing some beginner friendly plants would be great as well. Do you guys feel this idea is adequate? Or what would be some improvements I could make to the plan before I actually go ahead and buy it. Thank you.
  3. I'm currently in the process of cycling my 16 gallon Fluval Vista aquarium. It's been almost 3 weeks: water parameters look great except for high nitrates. Have done 2 water changes of 50% each. Looking forward to some new occupants!
  4. Hello! First forum experience. Just wanted to say hi! I have four tanks. One 16 gallon with a female betta, ember tetras, ottos, Kuhlis and Cherries. Two 5 gallons with a Plakat betta in each (one with shrimp). And a split 20 gallon with three bettas in it. As you can tell I LOVE betta fish.
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