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  1. @Lennie hey! Thank you for the long response, I really appreciate the input!! I do love the look of the gouramis in there like that. They really pop against the green which is what I'm looking for. Something that'll draw your eye to it. My tank is right there when you come down our steps and enter the living room, so I just want it to draw your attention to it and be like "wow!" Thank you so much about my tank 🥰 I've worked really hard on it! First ever tank and went through a lot of mistakes to get to where I am in the hobby!!
  2. @Tony s thank you so much for the response! I really appreciate the input! I really am liking the cpds and honestly am in love with the look of the double red cockatoo (which is an apisto, correct?) I know they're hard to get but man, I still think apistos are cool as heck! I love the rams, but my fiance thinks that they look odd. He doesn't like the look of them 😂🤷‍♀️ let's say I do stick with the idea of getting some cpds (6) haven't read about them too much yet so I am assuming they're a schooling fish but not too sure yet.... and say I get one apisto, preferably male since they're so vibrant and beautiful, would that be pretty much ricked, or would there be room for more? @Tony s not sure why phone autocorrected stocked to ricked.... but I meant stocked 😂
  3. @mynameisnobody oops, sorry. It's a 36 gallon bowfront.
  4. Hey everyone! Here is my tank. This is my first tank. I am about 8 months in, so almost a year and am absolutely in love with the hobby. Been trying to talk my husband into letting me have a bigger tank as I love angels and cichlids but don't want to keep them in here as I feel my tank is too tiny. 😭 I want them to be happy. Are there any suggestions? I want a fish that is pretty and elegant and will make the tank pop as well as maybe some other schooling or shoaling type of fish. It's a 36 gallon bowfront. Occupants are: 7 black phantom tetras, 4 panda Corydoras and 4 Kuhli loaches as well as some bladder snails (that would be cool to have a fish eat them for me, but it's not a big deal lol) PH 7.2 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 ppm kh: 4dkh gh: 10dgh monthly water changes, once a week fast, 1-2 times a week frozen feed
  5. My tank 😊 This is my first tank so please be easy on me but I'm very proud of it. Has been up and running for about 9 months now. I have 7 black phantom tetras, 4 Kuhli loaches (I just got 3 days ago!) and 4 panda corydoras. I started out with two angels and fake decor and within a month I had natural plants and added driftwood that I have found at my favorite lake, where my mother's ashes are spread. ❤️ I unfortunately was told at the start I could add fish a day after adding water. (We waited a week, thinking "to be sure") we had no idea and wish more big chain fish stores would have more knowledge. So our angels had passed about 5 months ago after the tank was officially cycled (I was doing water changes every other day) but it was just too much on their immune systems. When I had added my Cory's, started out with 6 and waited a few weeks and got another 6. They ended up coming in with a parasite and wiping out everyone so that's why I have 4 Cory's now. We go to smaller local breeder stores for our fish now and haven't had any issues since! As well as now that I actually know what I'm doing, it's so much better to watch and enjoy them! I did want to ask, I have only been able to find 3 loaches. They swim around sometimes but I still cannot find the 4th and I'm worried something happened to him. I know it's normal for loaches to hide and they're typically nocturnal, but has this happened where 3/4 are out and about and not "too" shy, but the 4th will not come out of where he is. We had done the transfer different. Instead of netting, we poured the bag into a net and let the water go into the bucket. We thoroughly looked through the net (after release), bag and bucket to ensure the loaches all got into the tank but I'm still freaked out he somehow is dried up on my floor somewhere. 😭
  6. @Tony s hey there! Thanks for the response. I haven't noticed anything abnormal with anyone else besides the phantoms seem to dart at each other often but doesn't seem to be leaving damage. I have noticed their fins lose color at times (phantoms) but overall are very active and all come to the front of the tank when they think I'm feeding them. Cory's are as active as usual, even more so now that my runt is gone, even. The runt would try and keep up a lot but just struggled. Always has. And seemed to have been more stressed than the rest when initially released into the tank. My heart is broken for the guy, and I'm just anxious they're sick. However I do think the tetras are stressed due to new environment but I think things are going well. @Colu nope, haven't noticed any of that. The tetras sometimes do that but I believe due to something being too big that the corys end up eating as they have no issue with littler things.
  7. Hi all! I am newer to the hobby, about 9 months in. I currently have 4 panda corydoras (had 5 as of this morning... hence why I'm here) and 7 black phantom tetras. Black phantom tetras were added to the tank about a week ago. So yes, I have new fish... the one panda Cory passed this morning, however, he was ALWAYS tinier than the rest and just wouldn't grow. All of the others had thrived and were doing really well and this one stayed the same. I was told he was a runt. Then he randomly took a turn for the worse last night and passed away sometime late last night and early this morning. I feel he died mainly to being a runt but I want to be sure as I did just add these black phantoms and to me, some of their behavior is off and a couple of their tail fins look almost translucent and I'm not sure if that is normal as I have only owned these guys for two weeks. I was to go on vacation at the end of June with my fiancé's parents but they called a couple days after receiving the black phantoms that we are going on the 3rd and will be gone until the 8th. If treatment is needed, I would really like to try and get things under control before I go. Any help or advice is appreciated. tank parameters 36 gal bowfront 76 degree f PH 7.4 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 kh 4dkh GH 10dgh weekly 25% water change with weekly fast as well as a frozen treat (chopped bloodworm, brine shrimp) once a week.
  8. @Odd Duck Hey! I am so sorry my other comment didn't reach you. I'm still learning this website. I thought I had quoted it? I don't even know. This time, I think it'll work. I wanted to say thank you so much for the advice and knowledge you have given me. I told my fiance, "I think I finally found the place to actually get some decent advice" as I've been seeking advice on other type of Facebook groups and on Reddit groups, but no one gives valid info even after providing the information needed to give me it. They provide lazy responses, if any, and I think that's basically because they don't read all of the information so I truly appreciate you for reading it all out and providing me a nice response even though it may be squirrel post! That's how my brain is! 😂 I did want to add that they are panda corydoras, not Pygmy's. Not entirely too sure how big the Pygmy's get but my panda corys were definitely smaller when I got them but they've grown a TON since I've had them. Maybe they were just too small at the time. I'd really love for my corys to breed because I'd love to have more. I initially wanted 10 of them. And at this point, I need more. I have a bladder snail infestation going on and they were doing well eating them. Watched them eat some a few times. But yeah, they need some help 😂 but have to get this sickness dealt with. Speaking of which, I do have a question. Sunday night, I had received Seachem Nourish bottle and it says it's supposed to help boost the immune system. I soaked their pellets in it, and gave it to them. Monday, I started treatment as well as it was on their fast day. So I did the whole keeping lights off for 24 hours and did a 25% water change as suggested. Waiting until Monday to begin the next treatment and was planning to wait a couple more days to dose paracleanse. They looked beautiful right after treatment, their vibrancy was awesome. Their bodies were white, and not the translucent/dulled out tone and really vibrant black. Then yesterday, I noticed a little bit of dulled tone again, and one Cory just wiggling at the glass closer to the bottom most of the day yesterday. At first thought maybe it was trying to eat some snail eggs or something, but he did it the entire day, almost rubbing his front whiskers on the glass? But in a nonchalant way as if nothing was wrong? But he would swim away normally when I bothered him too much by staring 😂 and now today, it looks almost like some of their bodies are a little raised? I guess like I can visibly see they're lines on their body? Swimming around normally. The one who was being weird yesterday is still pretty much doing the same thing but is leaving but going right back. He also seems a little lethargic compared to the rest and dulled tone. Do you have any idea what may be the issue? Or even what I can do to help? Could it potentially be from the nourish stuff? Been giving it to them the past few days, each feed. So probably 5 feeds. Which makes me feel like I should test parameters. Was thinking about the sickness they're dealing with, but maybe my parameters are off as I've put the cap full of nourish in with their food? Not sure if that would make too much of a difference. I'll try and attach a video. My son is watching Peppa Pig, so excuse his show in the background. 😂 Wouldn't let me take any videos... going to test water parameters here in a bit and post those too. @Odd Duck
  9. @Odd Duck PH dropped below 6 🤦🏻‍♀️
  10. @Odd Duck Hi! Thank you so much for the information! I really appreciate it and honestly, the thought of it has crossed my mind with my one angel. He was a BIG 6 month angel. He was going to be HUGE. He was almost twice the size of the other angel who were about the same age. He loved to scavenge the bottom of the tank, after feed, and I noticed a couple times he had gotten confused and darted at the Cory's, thinking it was food and then swam away. It was ALWAYS after he was finished eating when he would act like he was going to eat them but then swim away. I know that had to have caused some stress to the Cory's and my other angel, which is why I initially thought it was stress and everyone getting acclimated to each other. Very, very interesting thought!! And it is a little strange to me after he had died, the remaining corys are still here when I was losing a Cory a day.... hm. Honestly I'm very curious about if you are right and that was the main culprit to these diseases, especially to newly acclimated fish. I know at one point, both of my corydoras that survived before I got the other school, were hiding underneath my spongefilter for two days. I thought I was going to lose them and then out of nowhere they came out-but that's what sparked my idea to get more, to help the Cories not feel threatened in the tank due to the angel. about aeration, I have a 40 gallon HOB filter, sponge filter and a wave maker in a 36 gal with plenty of plants. I have considered putting a bubble wall up closer to the surface, just to provide some more surface agitation, especially during treatment. The only time that I noticed gasping for air, was with the two angels, in different tanks, being treated with Melafix. Both were hanging at the top of the tank and both died two days after the start of treatment. Makes me question Melafix/pimafix products. Will probably only use this during qt before main tank, the first couple days and then observe from there and see if I need to do any further treatments. Do you think maybe adding a bubble wall would improve anything? I don't see them going up for air too often, but they definitely do here and there, as corys should. i would like to backtrack a bit. In the beginning, my cycle crashed a few weeks in due to a low KH buffer with very high PH from tap, pretty much the buffer couldn't keep PH stable and it dropped below zero, killing all bacteria. It took me a LONG time to figure out what was going on until I tested tap. PH 8.6//KH 1.5dkh//GH 12dgh... I had started with crushed coral for awhile and it took my tank an additional two months to cycle again. I had both of my angels at this time and they went through a ton of water changes to get them through. However, maybe a month later is when my first angel got sick. Noticed my PH was fluctuating a ton as even with coral, KH was incredibly low for the PH... so began doing RO/tap mix with alkaline buffer up to 4 and since then, plants seem to be thriving better, same with the fish. My last angel died before the RO water... that definitely possibly played a roll in this, too. @Odd Duck here is a photo of the angel in question maybe a day or so before he passed. It won't let me attach the other photos of the corys with the potential red blotch disease. 😑 it keeps coming up as black for those for some reason.
  11. @Colu Seriously, thank you so much! I am definitely going to start researching and getting the medication for them as you suggested! I REALLY appreciate the advice on this. I have asked numerous groups, pretty much just as lengthy. But I know a lot don't care enough to read it all. However, in this case I felt it was necessary because each time I have tried to ask for help about this, people go straight to Melafix. But actually going deeper into research with it on reddit and such, realizing pretty much a bandaid. Man, I wish I would have known earlier but Google was throwing so many different diseases.. wasn't taking into account that they can get multiple illnesses at once like that. Poor babies! They are some strong fish!
  12. Okay, so I think I figured out what I did wrong and why it wasn't replying to you. I didn't know you had to quote a comment. Didn't even know that was a thing. Now I know 😂 Anyways, I wish I would have copy and pasted this information but here it goes again 🙂 hopefully this'll give you all the information you need to help me out! Starting from when deaths began, was when I received a school of 6 panda corydoras from live aquaria on January 12th, 2024. The next day, I lost one. Beforehand, it was going nuts in the tank... so I was worried about that one to begin with and thought it was due to acclimation. Fast forward to February 6th, I set up a quarantine tank for my angel, who was lethargic, had shown white spots and fin rot that would come and go, and I saw her move her mouth oddly, like she was choking, and noticed white in her mouth. Put her in a quarantine tank with aeration, a little aquarium salt and Melafix (people's suggestion). She died February 8th. Very weak, at the surface for air, and had swam to me to say goodbye it seemed, and then swam in a corner, laid on her side, and died a few minutes later. thought this was happening due to aggression with the other angel. lost a Cory February 12th and its eye was missing? There was my sand substrate in his eye socket... disturbing. Down to 4 Cories and my one angel. Was lethargic before it died. By February 24th, I lost 2 more Cories. Both had similar behavior to the previous one on the 12th: lethargic, spiraling around in the water, reddish gills and sunken belly. Now am down to 2 Cories and my one angel. Not realizing this was parasites (I am so new in the hobby. Kept thinking acclimation/stress issues... but at the same time, I knew something was up). I decided to go to my local fish store 2/26 (an hour away) and get 6 more panda corydoras. They gave me a plus 1. I did the whole floating bag in the water for 15 min, dump water out of bag in the sink and added tank water, let sit for about 25 min and netted into tank. Now I have 9 panda corydoras and one angel. (My reasoning- I had an experienced hobbyist telling me that it was due to acclimation and nothing else so figured he was right). 2/27 and 2/28 lost a Cory each day with red blotch disease. Down to 7 Cory's. Lost another Cory 3/1 in the am with white fungus and it's tail gone. Lost ANOTHER Cory 3/1 in the pm with no sign of illness. Megan melafix on 2/27 but had lost my angel 2/29 in the pm which he executed the most symptoms of parasites. He broke my heart. Pale/blue tone, bulging eyes, loss of appetite (didn't eat for 3 days), red gills, skinny/sunken belly, lethargic, trying to get air at top of tank, I and kept getting his poor self stuck in the current. Oof. Now I have gone through all of the deaths and looked through my notebook. Everything seemed fine but with everything that happened, I knew something was serious so I tried figuring it out. I used EM Erythromacyn starting on 3/13. Had to find the medication and research. I had originally gotten paracleanse but I was worried about its use. Finished treatment 3/18. They seemed alright and the most active but then noticed them all really lethargic and just displaying some familiar symptoms the others had shown. And that's where we are at. With paracleanse. Started paracleanse 3/21 and have been finished since 3/26. 3/27 I noticed a Cory trying to poop brown, with white closer to his butt... figured normal, trying to get parasites out. Gave them all some algae wafers and siphoned the tank 3/28. 3/28 and today (3/29) I have noticed some flashing behavior, and a couple more Cories with the same type of poop as the one on 3/27 I noticed. Fed them some veggie wafers tonight to help with that. sorry for all of this information. Blah. Just really trying to get this figured out with any possible information that could help me. I really love my tank and fish and I want to add more fish eventually and such but I just can't until this is figured out. I'm worried it may not be the right medication as I've noticed their gills a little more red today as well as they just seem skinny but continuously eating. I'm just concerned and am wondering if I need to use a different medication, or maybe begin another treatment with paracleanse at the week mark, or do my original plan and wait 2 weeks. Any advice/help is much appreciated. Again, sorry for such the long message. Also, no change in parameters. When things are going weird in my tank/during treatment, I check every other day. When things are normal, I check every week.
  13. @Colu hopefully you have gotten my replies. I do not see them on here at all.
  14. @MattyM I had to take new photos off of the website for some reason to upload so sadly the good photo I got of my Cory eating the bladder snail didn't get posted 😩
  15. HELP! I used to have 15 fish. 13 panda corydoras and 2 angelfish. I am now down to 5 panda corydoras after a month of havoc and losing all of my fish, to these survivors who have survived an extra month compared to the rest. ph: 7.5 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 ppm kh 4dkh gh 10dgh Temp 75 Fahrenheit They have been undergoing treatment pretty much the entire month, but different medications. First- Melafix. Second- EM Erythromacyn Third- Paracleanse (mostly metronidazole with a little praziquental in it). Paracleanse has only been over for 3 days but plan to do another course of treatment in two weeks. However, I'm not even sure if I'm using the correct medication. I am only 6 months into the hobby and this has been a disaster. before medication, all similar symptoms included: weak, sunken belly, eyes popping out, red gills and recently noticed 2/5 Cories doing some flashing (a day after treatment of paracleanse) as well as poop sticking to their butt... kinda like parasites would do. now here are some current photos of them. They look to be struggling more than before the medication? But I don't know if it's normal? Should I be doing a different medication? Can someone please advise me on this? and yes! They're eating some bladder snails with their pellets 😂❤️
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