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  1. Thanks! Yea, it doesn’t look like Ich to me, I thought it was some type of damage to his mouth. He was in a large tank at the LFS with 15-20 other angels. I noticed some of the others had nippled fins.
  2. Hello! I purchased my first angel fish this past Saturday. He’s currently in a Qurantine tank. I noticed a small white spec on the tip of his mouth. The rest of his body looks fine. Any thoughts on what it might be?
  3. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    Here’s a photo update. I added the 2nd dose of paracleanse yesterday. Planning a water changer tomorrow per the instructions for the meds. I’m thinking I may want to jump to kanaplex this weekend in case it’s a bacterial issue. I haven’t seen much of an improvement in the gill area, but the severum does seem to be less skittish. I dropped a pinch of food in the tank and he was eating.
  4. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    They don’t seem territorial, but have been digging a lot under a of driftwood lately. Two of the females seem to hang out with one of them males. Should I continue with the paracleanse treatment or switch to something for bacterial infections?
  5. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    I have 4 geophagus (2male/2female), 2 bristlenose plecos, 8 sterbai corydoras, and an apistogramma. I previously had a pair of electric blue Acara in the tank. I moved the EBAs out because they kept spawning and were harassing all the fish.
  6. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    Thanks! I’m trying paracleanse in case it’s gill flukes. I also have kanaplex on hand and will try if it doesn’t get better.
  7. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    I just completed a 50% water change and dosed with paracleanse.
  8. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    He’s been skittish lately, unlike before. And I hadn’t noticed that redness near his gill til now. Thanks for the reply.
  9. J3azy

    Severum Help!

    Can someone help diagnose what’s wrong with my severum? He stopped eating as aggressively as he used to. I also noticed some redness on his right gill. Is the redness near his gill normal? PH - 7 Temp - 78 Ammonia/Nitrite- 0.0 Nitrate - 30ppm
  10. They’re in a 75G with some red head tapajos and a red severum. I think I’ll see how it goes with the parents rearing the fry. Thanks for the info!
  11. I have a 75G that I set up recently. I use a Python to drain/fill during water changes. If you already have a Python, I see why you would want a pump to drain. In my case the Python takes a while to drain, and I am considering a pump for that as well. However, I will likely keep using the Python to refill. Anyway, I don’t have a recommendation, but thank you for the post!
  12. I got a couple of EBA’s recently and noticed the following over the last few days: - The female EBA (Assumption based on washed out color in face) began hiding in a corner over a rock - A 2nd EBA (likely male) is keeping other fish away from the area While looking at the female EBA just now I spotted some eggs! What now? I’m new to fish keeping and am not sure what to do.
  13. I was definitely hoping to add some EBAs, might have to limit that to 1, and some tetras. Hmm, I have some thinking to do. Might need another 75G lol. Thanks for all the feedback!
  14. Here is my 75G with 1 Large AC sponge filter and 1 Tidal 110 HOB. I have 10 sterbi corydoras and 4 geophagus red head tapajos. How many electric blue acaras can I add without overstocking?
  15. Thanks for the replies! I’ll give them a call and see if they’ll hold some for me, otherwise I’ll just wait another week. As a new hobbyist, I haven’t had to deal with ich and would like to avoid it.
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