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  1. For clarification, my friend asked if I knew and I'm reaching out and seeing if anyone here knows. Also, the corpses apparently burst somehow.
  2. My friend was telling me a story today about their old fish and an odd cause of death. It's very intriguing and i'd like to know why this happened. Appalrently, they went on vacation about a year ago and left their fish to their brother, who allegedly did not feed them and left the decomposing bodies of two betta's who blew up. And yes, I do mean that they literally blew up in the tank. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN STRANGER THINGS. A good comparison they made is the scene in Stranger Things season 3 when the rats blow up to become parts of the Mind Flayer's physical form. Any ideas as to what happened?
  3. @Chad, ah okay thanks for clarifying! Sorry about that. That was just my theory as to why something like that would happen
  4. @Chad, Thanks again! I've done a little bit more of research and asking around regarding Medaka and Rasbora. I can kind of see a link to your experience with keeping them together, apparently, Medaka will grow bigger than the Kubotai, so that's probably the culprit of the bullying, I'd think that a bigger school of kubotai and a slightly smaller school of medaka could work
  5. @Chad, Thanks again, I plan personally getting either youkihi or the black ricefish, I'm getting a 10 gallon though, but I could upgrade to a 12 long if necessary. are schools of 7 acceptable for both types of fish? However, I'm worried it could get overstocked quickly because they are planned to co-exist with Orange Rili shrimp. If this doesn't work out any other types of rasbora or fish that would pair well with medaka?
  6. @lefty o, Kubotai Rasbora @Chad Thanks for the helpful advice, appreciate it.
  7. Just asking if this is a possible combination for a project and wanted advice or confirmation this is possible from anyone who knows
  8. @Tlindsey, @Whitecloud09 To answer your questions I plan to purchase Orange Rili and Youkihi Medaka! My planned setup is in a UNS 10-gallon with a lower output voltage light (I think it's one of the Twinstar B-lines?) and a HOB Nano filter that can filter up to 10 gallons. I have no other tanks currently up, they are all currently dismantled and unused, too small for my planned setup though. they are just being saved for something else.
  9. @Whitecloud09 @AllFishNoBrakes @TOtrees Sorry all, for not being specific I just wanted to cycle a day to be safer in a way I guess but thank you for telling me that wouldn't be much better than just a regular fish in cycle. Again totally my bad! Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice I REALLY appreciate it! Take care everyone! @JohnNYC I'm using AquarioNeo Starter water conditioner and whatever else I need! @Galabar, The plan is using a 10 gal and my other tanks right now are all dismantled and unused.
  10. @AllFishNoBrakes Thanks! I guess I'll have to do a fish in, I wanted to cycle the tank for a day and take the risk of letting them sit room temprature in the original packaging but I think I might go with your advice! Thanks again!
  11. Personally, I would just consider how heavy the bioload would be with all those species but other than that sounds good! (Personally: I'd also go with a smaller breed of cory 🙂 )
  12. Hey, reaching out for help regarding cycling the tank. The time old question, can I cycle my tank with fish in it? I know it's possible but it's a bigger process. Iv'e had succes with some guppies, bettas, and Otocinclus. The most amount of time I can do fishless cycle is a day. Any reccomendations? These fish are supposed to come with the rest of my order.
  13. @Odd Duck, thanks for your helpful advice. I have no quarantine tank but I soon plan to get one along with that tank! I researched and Iv'e seen that some people have had success with this species even if slightly overstocked. Any other advice will be great too as you've been the only one that has given the most helpful advice! Thanks again! (I will definitly check that species of Java Fern!)
  14. Hello, new here. I'm Envy (no this is not my real name) and I'm a newer fishkeeper (~1 yr experience) and I'm interested in getting back in the hobby! I do various hobbies in wich im to lazy to list. I would like to keep this short and say I'm happy to be here in this kingdom of fishkeepers! If you'd like to know more about me feel free to ask! (As long as it's not too personal. 🙂 ).
  15. Hello everyone, new here and I'd like some advice, I was recommended this site by my friend Kaiju (who I think left the forum bc he didn't need it anymore?) but I'm starting a 6.5 LONG gallon tank sometime this year housing 10 Orange Ricefish and 10 Orange Rili Shrimp. I can list plants and hardscape if wanted or if needed but I don't think I need much help with that. I plan to order from two sites Bucplant and Aquarium Co-op. I'm looking for help from people who have kept these species or have many nano tanks and good experience with them. Iv'e done the research and stuff and I think I'm prepared, I've also planned to order a plethora or aquascaping tools, fertilizers, water conditioners, and glass cleansers. I worry about overcrowding of fish, but I've heard people don't need to worry about that as much with smaller fish. Please let me know if you need clarification on everything. And thank you to advance from everyone who responds! Order list: - 1 golfball of flame moss, Java fern, Mini Amazon Swords -10 ricefish and 10 Orange Rili -Various meds and water conditioners and algae control/fertilizers -Various Hardscape
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