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  1. I was thinking a school of Congo tetras 4-6 but their needs are more than I'm willing to maintain right now, thank you for the list though most of these I would like to house one day especially the synodontis.
  2. I like those Leopard Ctenopoma but in a 45 gallon I do not this they would fair well at this time.
  3. Hello my fabulous fish keeper fam. I've had these 2 Ornate Bichirs ( M&F ) for the last few years in my 45g, knowing they can reach up to 2 ft. and a 90g is minimum size tank to house them I still want to add some more tank mates mainly gouramis ( Pearl ) just a pair to see how they get along but the forums I've read recommend larger fish i.e. Oscars, Black Knife, etc... has anyone else kept these wonderful fish with other types of tank mates ( that didn't get nipped or out competed for food ). My pair are healthy with good appetites ( asstd. frozen foods and pellets ) I think one more year till they have to be re-homed. I set up a 5g for quarantining this week added a cycled sponge from the 45g along with a most ball and a bit of alt, I have 2 of the med trio for now and I have to big box pet stores near me so next weekend I'd like to be choosing the tank mates so what you say all.
  4. New topic I have an old aqueon quiet flow 10 internal power filter and cannot take it apart there are no videos on this and wanted to know was it made to be taken apart say if you need to replace the impeller. Has anyone had this issue with this filter before ?
  5. I tried for over an hour to keep the frame from coming apart and decided to pack it back up and return it for a different stand as for the liner roll I will return that too. My back up plan is to check out other types of stands for my 5, 10, and 45 gallon tanks while utilizing the space well enough so on to the next phase.
  6. After several attempts I was unable to build the rack the bars would not stay tapped in while attaching the others. I am checking in to other designs to see how they are built. No bad feeling to the company that makes this type for now can anyone recommend a brand that you have bought and built with little to no issues. I cannot D.Y.I. a rack do to living situation. Also I thought I would try out a clear waterproof liner I can glue to the shelf's instead of using the paint and wanted to know has anyone else tried the liner option and how did it go.
  7. Thank you all for your recommendations, I'm trying to find a 36l x 24w x 72h rack to but will spray paint the particle boards with good waterproof sealant on either rack i get.
  8. Hello fishfam, I want to spruce up the are with the fish I'm keeping with this metal shelving rack I found on Amazon (linked below), It has the right dimensions to house my 45 gallon tank with 2 baby Senegal Bichir's, a !0 gallon with a small assortment of fish and then there's my 2 gallon, 2-5 gallon, and 25ish gallon tanks that I have yet to decide what I want to keep/breed. My question is this should I get water proof mats for the shelving unit because the particle boards could soak up enough water over time to warp and become brittle ? Muscle Rack UR361872PB5PAZ-SV Silver Vein Steel Storage Rack, 5 Adjustable Shelves, 4000 lb. Capacity, 72" Height x 36" Width x 18" Depth
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