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Found 7 results

  1. It's about time I started a journal. Thank you to @Streetwise for the help of starting this. Im gonna start this off with my favorite fish of all time: (Mini) Bob the spotted congo puffer Named after Mr. Bob Steenfott. From this point forward, Bob is the pufferfish and Mr. Steenfott is Mr. Steenfott. When I broke my leg, Mr. Steenfott and my friend/coach/teacher Hutch planned a day where we all went to the co-op for fun. At the end, Mr. Steenfott got me this fish under one condition, it had to be named Bob. This was in 2018. You might think it is weird that a teacher took me on this trip, but Hutch is more of a family member because my entire family has known him for a very long time even before this trip. In the photo of the yellow background is the very first time I saw Bob, I sent a picture to my family because this was my dream fish and had never seen one in person before. He was such a skinny lad. After a couple months from the start of the pandemic (June 2020) I upgraded him from an anubias only 20g with a hang on the back filter to a 40g with a canister filter, sand, multiple drift wood pieces, and a plethora of different plant species. On December 16, 2020 Hutch passed away unexpectedly which broke my community's hearts and still leaves a scar. But I have Bob to remind me of all the good times and one of the best days of my life. Today, Bob lives happily in the 40g where he gets to hunt guppies, shrimp, earthworms, bloodworms, snails, clams, and pogostemon stellatus stems.
  2. Hello hobbyists I own a firemans dream flowerhorn who is about 6.5 inches. He is currently in a 40 breeder and will be moved to a 75 soon. Is there a good way to attempt to introduce a Senegal bichir ? (If this does not work I have another home for the bichir)
  3. Hello my fabulous fish keeper fam. I've had these 2 Ornate Bichirs ( M&F ) for the last few years in my 45g, knowing they can reach up to 2 ft. and a 90g is minimum size tank to house them I still want to add some more tank mates mainly gouramis ( Pearl ) just a pair to see how they get along but the forums I've read recommend larger fish i.e. Oscars, Black Knife, etc... has anyone else kept these wonderful fish with other types of tank mates ( that didn't get nipped or out competed for food ). My pair are healthy with good appetites ( asstd. frozen foods and pellets ) I think one more year till they have to be re-homed. I set up a 5g for quarantining this week added a cycled sponge from the 45g along with a most ball and a bit of alt, I have 2 of the med trio for now and I have to big box pet stores near me so next weekend I'd like to be choosing the tank mates so what you say all.
  4. First post! Should I be concerned with a little rough-housing between a Bristlenose and a Senegal Bichir during feeding? There haven't been any injuries but they do push each other around trying to go after the same piece of food. Is that something I need to address or is it normal in fish that size?
  5. *Please move or delete if this is the wrong place for this post. I woke up this morning to my Senegal bichir floating. She was about two months old and had grown to about 6". There were no signs of distress, no lesions, no lumps or apparent blockages. I took the photo of her yesterday. Food: I was feeding her sinking cichlid pellets and blood worms. I also think she had started eating small fish in the tank. The tank temperature has been fluctuating between 78° in the day to 75° at night. I'm a little colorblind so I have provided photos of the test strips. I saw my nitrates were getting a little high and did a 30% water change yesterday. I watch my fish as much as I can. When I noticed a spot on one of my pearl gourami fins yesterday morning, I pulled it out and put it in my quarantine tank. I will be treating it with ich-x once it arrives. A few minutes after pulling the pearl out one of my neon tetras jumped out of the tank so it's in quarantine as well. The rest of the fish (angelfish, pearl gourami, dwarf sunset gourami, red skirt tetra, red eye tetras, neon tetras, guppies, pictus catfish, kuhli loaches, pleco) all seem to be doing okay. I really enjoyed watching the bichir and want to learn from this experience. If/when I get another I want to be able to keep alive and healthy much longer.
  6. Okay so I have three Senegal Bichirs the biggest one is named Rex ( because the pet store calls them dinosaurs bichirs) he is about 5 inches the second is named ter for pterodactyl he is 3.5 inches they are together in their own tank but tri for triceratops also because he is the third I adopted from a pet store because he was getting beat up so badly in the tank he is missing one whole fin he is only 1 inch long. Because of his size and condition I put him in a different tank to recover and grow till he can be added with the others. What els can I do for him besides melafix and aquarium salt?
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