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  1. Hi, im new to the hobby and the first fish I put in my tank are Hillstream Loaches. As of yesterday (when I purchased the fish) I didn't realize there were different species of hillstream loach. I wanted the reticulated pattern and my LFS had only one left, but they were in a tank with spotted hillstream loaches as well. I read that these fish like groups of at least 3, so I got one reticulated, 2 spotted. Unfortunately one died, but now i'm reading these are different species. The reticulated hillstream loach is very active and friendly while the spotted hillstream loach is very shy and only hid so far. Whenever the reticulated one approaches the spotteds hidding spot the spotted chases it away. If I get another of either type will they both be happier, or do I need 3 of the same variety.
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