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  1. Like Colu said it definitely seems like the most likely cause of this is columnaris, are you noticing any other symptoms. Sometimes the infection can also be around their gills, and you'll notice general signs of lethargy as well. At the moment, I'd just add some aquarium salt to the tank, however, if things get worse you can also try dosing the tank with Furan 2
  2. I always like to feed my betta some 1 or 2 betta pellets twice a day, and then try to supplement their diet with different live foods, generally, I go for daphnia which I think is the best for bettas. Obviously when I can I use live daphnia, but I also have a tub of freeze-dried daphnia I use when I can't get my hands on the live stuff.
  3. I'd definitely keep going the way you're going at the moment, the aquarium salt will take a while to work. With that being said, I'd also add some ammonia neutralizer to the tank to get the ammonia down as low as possible as quickly as possible.
  4. I'd definitely stop changing the water every few days until you've checked the water parameters. If the water parameters are fine, then you may just be stressing him out more!
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