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  1. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    I use prime as a water conditioner: 2 drops per gallon. Can I add more for ammonia reduction without harming fish? How much? My ammonia is .25. Thank you all seasoned betta keepers for answering my beginner questions!!
  2. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Thanks! What product do you use to reduce ammonia? I am adding beneficial bacterial doses every day at the moment.
  3. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Thanks! Never thought I could get so attached to my little betta(!)
  4. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    I hope not. I think that swelling is due to the photo. Here is another photo from yesterday. I am on the verge of switching from salt to meds to try to cure this guy.
  5. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Feeling unsure about my Betta today. How long should it take for the salt treatment to get him back to normal? He is still eating well and the fuzzy white fungus is gone but his eyes are still very cloudy and he spends most of his time hanging out on his side, which is really disturbing to see. I don't know if it's the lack of ventral fins preventing him from floating upright or if he feel really ill. Of course he is in a barren 10 gallon tank because my live plants can't tolerate the salt so that's probably stressful for him. How long can this go on? It is so hard to watch him float on his side. Here is a photo from today. I am hoping the ventral fins are growing back--they are whitish but it's not fungus.
  6. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Thanks for asking! I stuck with the salt and he is doing ok. The fuzzy white fungus is gone but he had such bad fin rot he doesn't have ventral fins. And his eyes are completely cloudy. I won't feel good until I see those fins growing back and his eyes clear up. But for now things are steady at least. He has a great appetite!
  7. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Yes, I am going to keep on course for now. Thanks for advice!
  8. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    So finally, any thoughts on switching from salt to Maracyn for this poor fish. Have you all had good responses for his type of issue with Maracyn?
  9. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Ok, I think I will try the Maracyn even though Aquarium Coop recommends maybe giving the salt longer to work. I just hate seeing him compromised. Anyone have feelings one way or another about salt for treating a fish with problems like mine has versus meds? I thought it might be nice to get that salt lower and get my live plants back in for water quality and that's partly why I want to switch to meds. Can I do salt and Maracyn? How low does the salt level need to be for plants? Thanks--I am new to all this.
  10. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    Thanks so much! I suppose I could wait--he is not getting terribly worse but I see no actual improvement. His fins are so rotted that he is having trouble staying in the vertical swim position plus he just looks miserable. It seems the salt might be holding him steady but I would like to see improvement and him more comfortable, hence my question about switching to meds. I hope someone can help. He's a great fish! I forgot to mention I did treat him with Kanaplex (twice). I did a total of 6 treatments of kanaplex in the water (not fed). This was when there were plants in the tank and the ammonia was zero. He actively declined while being treated with kanaplex. I have not tried other meds.
  11. Nicolem

    Sick Betta

    I rescued a betta from a neighbor that left it behind when he moved. I had it in a 5 gallon planted tank with a heater and sponge filter and all was well. My water parameters were just right. Then I moved him to a 10 gallon because I read they like more space. After that move, even though the water parameters were still good he got fin rot. It progressed quickly and he now looks like the photo shown (not only fin rot but fungus on body and gills). I went by Aquarium coop's suggestion of a 1 tablespoon aquarium salt to 1 gallon water treatment for the condition. All plants were removed first. I am on day 3 of this salt treatment and he is no better. He still is eating so I have hope for him. The ammonia went up to between 0 and .25 when I removed the plants. My question is this: Should I wait and see if he improves in the salt treatment or should I switch to the trio of meds that Aquarium coop recommends for this condition (Maracyn, Ick-x, Paraguard) and remove the high salt and put my plants back in? I don't want him to decline further.
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