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  1. Have light white sand substrate in my 40 gal tank and feel like it is pretty hard to maintain. I used a Fluval small Gravel Vacuum Cleaner but it's very easy to get sand out of the tank when trying to suck the fish poops. I have a marineland water filter and I am not sure if I should switch to any other water filter for better flow over the sand. The fish poops seem to accumulate so fast after my cleanup. Any advice? Shall I change my vacuum, water filter, or tank setup to make it easier for the cleanup? Just feel like it is really hard to keep up with the poop build-up in the sand ; ( Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, @Colu! I just placed an order for it in case I need it. I raised the temperature of the tank last night and looks like it's getting better. So far no more fish have died.
  3. Thanks! Usually dies within a few hours after noticing the symptom. Did a big water change and used para guard. Still see one or two breaths very fast compared to others.
  4. pH:7 Nitrates:0 Hardness:75 Nitrite:0 Ammonia: safe KH/Buffer:80 Water Temperature:72 My neon tetras, which were very healthy in the past, started dying out after I introduce some Endler fish. Not sure if it is due to some para brought by the Endler or if it was my water quality. The syptom seem hard to breathe and then die. I have changed my water and added some para guard. Does anyone know what could be the root cause and what's the best way to rescue a weak neon tetra? Thanks a lot!
  5. Having them in my planted tank for 2 months and they didn't grow tall. Any advice to make them grow fast? Thanks! Root tab added, was running 4-6hrs light to control algea.
  6. Hey aquarium experts, Having hair algae in my tank and have been fighting them for some time. If I stop the lighting they tends to disappear after a few weeks but easy to come back once I resume the light. I have plants in the tank so I have to turn my light on. Here are my setting: Light: 4 Hrs per day at night. Super bright LED, some sun light through the window blind during the day AQUANEAT LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum for 36 Inch to 44 Inch Fish Tank Light Fresh Water Light Multi-Color Total 84 LEDs, 60 pcs 6500K white LED, 12 pcs blue LED, 6 pcs pink LED, 6 pcs Green LED Mode: all lights on and all lights off Tank Size: 40 Gallon Temp: around 71F recently Fertilizer: Easy green twice per week, API CO2 booster once per day, easy green root tabs Filter: MarineLand Penguin 200 Power Filter, 200GPH Substrate: Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum, gravel and white sand Algae eater: 7 Otocinclus catfish & 7 mystery snails Any idea how I could get rid of the annoying algae based on my settings? 1. Is it because I don't have enough plants to compete? 2. Should I put on a black tank background paper to block the sun light go through the window blinds? 3. Does water flow have impact on algae grow? Shall I increase or decrease water flow? 4. Do I have enough algae eaters? Do I have to get some shrimps? Thank you for your help!
  7. Thanks for the help, guys! I dont have any fish or snail that will bite the leaves in the tank. I am going to add some potassium and see how it goes.
  8. Have been using the Easy Green All-in-One Fertilizer in my 40 gallon tank(1-2 times per week) but recently my Anubias Barteri has holes in the leaves and is turning yellow. Water params: Did a water test on the aquarium water and all the params NO3, NO2, CL2, GH, TAL, KH, PH looks good. I am in North CA and our tap water is hard. Tank light: I am using the AQUANEAT LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light 6500k Any idea what could be wrong with my tank setup? Do I need to further increase the dosing of the fertilizer? Thanks!
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