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  1. @Andy's Fish Den. Glad I found this! Im thinking of trying to breed my 6 Adolfois in a 10G. Glad to hear it’s okay to spawn and then move them back to the display tank later 👍
  2. @T. Payne Would 6 be enough in a 40G? Or should I go 8? I already have: 1 chunky panda garra 9 stiphodon gobies (1”-3”) 9 small Venezuelan Corycats (1”-1.5”) Don’t want to overstock and need to keep the water fairly clean for gobies. How many do you keep?
  3. Omggg…I LOVE HEARING THAT!! I think I’ll purchase this week 🤩THANK YOU!! 🙏🙏🙏
  4. @T. PayneAhhh i see! That makes a lot of sense. I can see how all the plants would deter them. I do have some plants but it’s mostly rocks for Gobies. I’m planning to add more little ones so maybe that will help hide some food. Great to know they are so peaceful. THANK YOU!! I’m getting closer to pushing that “go” button! 🤣🙏 Thanks again!! @T. Payne hope it’s okay if I chat with you a little more about the Tawas before I push the “buy fish” button 🤣 Do your tawa generally stay up top-middle or not go after algae wafers? Is everything generally super peaceful? Would love to know ❤️ Thank you!!
  5. @T. Payne hope it’s okay if I chat with you a little more about the Tawas before I push the “buy fish” button 🤣 Do your tawa generally stay up top-middle, or not go after algae wafers or other sinkable foods? Are they generally peaceful with the corys and gobies? Would love to know more about their behaviors ❤️ Thank you!!
  6. Ahhh. Ok. I have mine fairly moderate for the gobies and garra. They like it. Maybe i can change it up on a timer or something 🤔 Thanks for the info!
  7. Oh!! @T. Payne thanks so much for that insight! Super happy to hear that! Can i ask what the flow rate is in your tank? The tawa can handle flow pretty well?
  8. Hey there! Beautiful pics!! @Hoon Aquatics or anyone else, I’m considering a peaceful mid-top fish for my 40B river setup, and am super interested in the Kali Tawa. Does anyone know if these fish work well with stiphodon gobies and corydoras? Or would they completely outcompete them for food? I always target feed the bottom dwellers with wafers/repashy and am wondering if the kali tawa would hoard the food on the bottom, even if there’s food up top? here’s a pic of my setup, if it helps. thank you for any insights!
  9. @Hoi Polloi do these fish enjoy some moderate flow like other rainbow fish?
  10. @anewbie For sure! Yes her territory is much smaller. The juvies are smart so they should keep away. Ok thank you! It would help a lot if i can consolidate temporarily. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙏🙏🙏 I’m sure you’ll hear from me again 🤣🫣
  11. @anewbie I have 2 little apisto trif from the pair’s first batch in a 10G. I want to consolidate tanks to raise the fry and remove the dad for a while. If I remove the dad from the 22L, can I add the 2 juveniles into the 22L(36x12x12) with the mom and new fry to finish growing out? There’s a lot of hardscape and plants for them to hide from their mom while she protects her new fry. I will try to sell/give them away once they get big enough. Thoughts? Here’s a pic of the 22L tank again.
  12. Yeah…thx for the tips. The cory are very naive and keep going into the mom’s area, but she is actually not too bad towards them. She is more aggressive with the male. But yeah, i hear you. It hasn’t been too terrible but there is a bit of chasing. Poor cories. It’s hard to ignore the fry. I get too excited when they’re in there and then I want to keep them 🙈 But yeah I shouldnt feed them. Or maybe it’s best to separate the male/female. I do need a top dwelling fish, my tank always looks empty. I dunno, i guess i’ll just feel bad either way 🙈 Next time all male apisto tank 🫠
  13. @anewbie thank you! I don’t have any tetra in this tank yet, just corys and a few endlers that always stay at the top. Ive been using a baster to target feed with infusoria and bbs, i think thats how i have so many fry versus the first time. My male seems very persistent when it comes to breeding, i may have to take him out sooner to let mom care for the fry 😅🤦 But they are also a young couple so maybe he will learn to be more patient. i got kind of panicky last night thinking about how to care for all the bebes in the future 🤣🙈 I am def going to raise this batch, but it occurred to me this cycle will continue if I leave the pair in the display tank - they were so quick to respawn! I prob can’t handle multiple batches, I still have two fry from two spawns ago and still waiting to sex them (been since last September!). I guess the only real way to control breeding is with tetras (predators) or separating the male/female apistos. I have a decision to make 😭🫥
  14. @anewbie It looks like my trifasciata spawned again and we have 23-25 little fry hanging out with the mother!! How long should I keep the fry with the mother in the display tank before I remove them? My thought is to let the mom raise the fry for a few weeks and remove dad when he starts to get agro. After a few weeks, I’ll suck the remaining fry out with a turkey baster and put them into a 10G to grow out. I could keep them in the planted display tank but i’m also thinking how painful it will be to remove them when they get too fast for me to catch. What do you think?
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